Warta is one of Poland’s leading life and non-life insurance providers. The firm’s 2,500 employees work with over 20,000 agents and brokers delivering the best-in-class services to customers across the country.

Established almost a century ago, the firm is the only registered insurer in Poland to have received an A+ rating from Standard and Poor’s LLC. 

“While our ability to drive revenue for shareholders is important, it is imperative that we are regarded as a high-quality company and a strong partner within the market,” explained Jarosław Parkot, Warta’s CEO.

Parkot began his career working with financial institutions in the 1990s. This was a pivotal period in the Polish financial services market as international companies introduced new products, distribution channels, technologies and ideas to the country.

Today, the Polish insurance market is customer-driven with companies providing high-value customer support, better protection and improved delivery of services. 

In 2012, major European insurance company Talanx Group and Meiji Yasuda Life Co., one of Japan’s oldest and largest life insurers, became Warta’s main shareholders and in the past six years, Warta has grown substantially. The firm has achieved double-digit growth for the last three years and in 2017, its non-life business grew by 24 percent. Parkot attributes Warta’s growth to the firm’s focus on quality and innovation.

“Warta has comprehensive investment programs geared toward innovation across all business lines,” said Parkot. “We have an average of 50 projects per year and we cooperate closely with many intermediaries to bring these projects to fruition.”

Warta manages approximately 600,000 claims a year through its state-of-the-art system, which utilizes big data, cloud computing and advanced machine learning tools.

“Poland is a modern and open country with a young, skilled, engaged and hardworking workforce,” concluded Parkot. “We are constantly adapting to the modern world and the country has become an attractive investment destination. The next generation has a great deal to look forward to and our relationship with Japan will undoubtedly continue to thrive.”