When Naoki Suzuki took the helm of Daiwa Capital Markets America (DCMA) in 2016, he came with a lot of experience, having joined the group in 1991. Before coming to New York, Suzuki first worked with Daiwa Securities Ltd., where he focused on corporate planning and finance, then was moved to Daiwa Securities Capital Markets in Korea until 2016.

Through his nearly 30 years in investment banking, Suzuki gained much insight on the opportunities that DCMA could capitalize on to secure its long-term future. But, he believed that those growth opportunities existed within the organization.

“I put special priority on improving the working environment, so that every employee could work with comfort and face no harassment. Everybody is respected. They communicate with each other,” he stressed.

The improved communication, Suzuki believes, will lead to increased profits for DCMA.

“We still have the same business model ― the three-front lines of equity, fixed income product and the investment banking products. But, change is still coming,” said Suzuki, who pointed to the good performance of the U.S. stock market. Since 2016, DCMA’s customer base has doubled.

Another objective of Suzuki’s is educating consumers about DCMA and its products.

“Our mission is to provide good research with data by providing full financial reports and research papers for our institutional and retail investors,” he said.

“It’s always a good time to invest in U.S. equities. Daiwa can support these investments and provide information to help future investors,” he added.