Established in 1947, Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd became the first Japanese company to enter the U.S. manufacturing sector. More than 50 years later, Sekisui America Corp. (SAC) services the North American market and has become a innovative solution provider to the chemical, transportation, life sciences, infrastructure and several other industrial markets.

With its headquarters in Secaucus, New Jersey, SAC has 10 subsidiaries in more than 20 locations across North America.

“Sekisui America and all Sekisui affiliates around the world have the ability to service customers globally because we know the local markets and how to add value to their businesses.. We focus on innovative and high-quality manufacturing, and pride ourselves on our strong governance foundation and culture of compliance,” recently appointed President Ian Moran said.

Prior to assuming his current role, Moran led the joint venture between Sekisui Chemical and H.B. Fuller ― Sekisui Fuller ― a leading manufacturer of adhesives and sealants for the Japanese market. Now, his role is to align all Sekisui’s companies on the shared vision of “One Sekisui” throughout North America, while implementing consistency in the areas of environment and social governance.

“SAC and our North American companies remains focused on innovation, the delivery of the delivery of high-quality products and services, and a commitment to the environment. We look towards 2030 and beyond by investing in new infrastructure and R&D capabilities and constantly improving and developing our leadership,” he also said.

In August, SAC subsidiary S-Lec America opened its first solar-powered facility in Winchester, Kentucky, a multi-million dollar investment that provides solar generation capabilities and a more energy efficient environmental footprint.

“Making peoples’ lives better while improving the environment are our key promises that we make to our shareholders, customers and employees worldwide,” Moran said.

Along with continuously strengthening governance across North American operations, Moran is working with the North American companies to implement the “One Sekisui” shared vision by strengthening collaboration and teamwork across the region.