“We have seen our business develop at a healthy rate through our extensive product portfolio and our commitment to customer care,” said Balazs Zuggó, managing director of Daikin Hungary Kft.

Daikin has always believed in developing and manufacturing products in Europe for its European customers and today, the company has 14 European production sites.

In Hungary, Daikin focuses on residential, commercial and industrial clients and the company’s quality, after-sales services are delivering results.

Daikin is one of the market leaders in Hungary for heat pump technology, which allows heating and cooling in one device. Since 2015, the residential market segment in Hungary has grown dramatically and Daikin’s business in Hungary has grown accordingly.

The company offers complete heating, ventilation and air-conditioning solutions for individual customers and businesses across Hungary.

Customers include large retail groups, residential property owners, hotels and restaurants and key players within the automotive industry such as Daimler AG, Audi AG, Suzuki Motor Corp. and General Motors Co.

“The investments we have made to educate our people are now bearing fruit,” said Zuggó. “Hungarians are adapting to new technologies and better understand that they can save money and contribute to environmental protection through the use of our range of Daikin products.”

The company also cooperates with universities and technical schools to educate future engineers regarding Daikin’s innovative technologies.

“As a company, it is vital that we never compromise on quality,” said Zuggó. “The services we provide are undertaken by our highly skilled employees and through our efforts to train the right people; we are, today, in a position to deliver the highest standard of service to our customers across Hungary.”