Mitutoyo is the global leader in metrology ― the science and practice of dimensional measurement. The company has built its name on its ability to deliver sophisticated solutions based on its precision-measuring tools and instruments. Today, Mitutoyo’s extensive network covers over 22 countries.

“2016 saw Mitutoyo Japan mark its 80th anniversary and this year the company celebrates 50 years in Europe,” said Attila Friedrich, director of Mitutoyo Hungary.

“Next year, we will mark our 15th year in Hungary. Additionally, 2019 marks my 20th year with Mitutoyo ― clearly we have a lot to celebrate.”

Friedrich was introduced to Mitutoyo while studying at university. Impressed by the company’s cutting-edge technology, he joined Mitutoyo and was provided a scholarship by the company to attain his Ph.D.

“It is a great honor for me to work for Mitutoyo and my wish is that more people understand the important solutions Mitutoyo delivers while developing and investing in its workforce,” said  Friedrich.

With dynamic automotive sectors and ongoing developments toward “Industry 4.0” and the “industrial internet of things,” European markets are today among the most important for Mitutoyo. The company’s Hungarian operations have nearly tripled in size since Friedrich became the director a decade ago.

Earlier this year, Audi established a fully-automated electric-engine production facility in Hungary. The company uses Mitutoyo’s complex measurement solutions in its entire production process.

“In industrial engineering, mass-production, prototyping and research and development, everything must be measured,” explained Friedrich. “Mitutoyo supports industries across Hungary and provides consulting and knowledge-transfer.”

As an honorary associate professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Friedrich is strengthening Mitutoyo’s relationships with academic institutions to train the next generation of engineers. The company was also a proud, strategic skill-sponsor of the prestigious EuroSkills competition held in Budapest earlier this year. t