Canon is recognized as a leading company in consumer, business-to-business and industrial digital imaging solutions.

Canon Hungaria Kft. (Canon Hungary) is strengthening its position by partnering with Hungary’s business community.

“We are the only player in the market involved in the entire imaging process; from capturing images to delivery,” said Jaap van ’t Ooster, Canon Hungaria’s managing director.

In accordance with Canon’s philosophy of kyosei (living and working together for the common good), Canon Hungaria is providing customers with more than just innovative technology.

“My team and I are shifting our company’s mission in Hungary by becoming more than a product-driven company delivering cameras, copiers and printers,” explained van ’t Ooster. “As one of the leaders in this industry, we intend to be a guide for businesses and consumers as they make full use of our new innovations and technologies.”

The company is assisting corporate clients by delivering office solutions designed to make businesses run more efficiently.

One of van ’t Ooster’s key priorities is to strengthen the company’s partnerships with industrial printing companies in Hungary and introduce digital printing solutions to take the industry to the next level.

“While technology drives innovation, nurturing the mindset of corporate leaders as they grow their businesses is very important in terms of building successful, long-term partnerships,” said van ’t Ooster.

Canon Hungaria also inspires individual customers through encouragement and support. The tagline “Live for the Story” moves customers to go beyond capturing images and photographs toward creating stories, memories and experiences that can be relived and shared.

Innovations such as the Canon Photo Companion app, allows users to improve their photography skills, manage and process images and create the stories of their lives.

“Surveys show a high satisfaction rate with Canon’s products and services in Europe ― we will ensure this continues in Hungary while we strengthen our partnerships across the country,” concluded van ’t Ooster.