New Zealand’s sustainable Radiata Pine wood is renowned for its quality, stability, durability, superior color and smooth finish.

An ideal wood for the production of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), Radiata Pine is used in the construction of furniture, doors, shelving and even children’s toys.

Almost a decade ago, Daiken Corp., one of Japan’s leading building material manufacturers, invested in an existing two-line MDF production facility in Rangiora, north of Christchurch, New Zealand.

“We had two tropical plywood production facilities in Malaysia for the fabrication of MDF,” said Managing Director Masahiro Yamazaki. “We wanted a more sustainable supply of wood and New Zealand was the ideal investment destination.”

In 1976, the facility was recognized as the first MDF producer in the Southern Hemisphere and today the Customwood® brand is exported internationally. Daiken New Zealand Ltd. has developed a reputation for innovation, high-quality products and adheres to the highest environmental standards.

“Our facilities in Malaysia mostly supplied Japan and we wanted to expand into other markets,” said Yamazaki. “Our production capacity in New Zealand is double that of Malaysia and our geographical location has enabled us to reach out to North America and China.”

As a result of growing demand, in April this year, the company acquired its second facility, Daiken Southland Ltd. in Mataura, a town in New Zealand’s southernmost region.

“Our focus today is on the quality of our products from both Daiken New Zealand and Daiken Southland and we intend to combine both companies to develop synergies and maximize efficiency,” said Yamazaki.

Employing about 290 staff across both facilities, Yamazaki is proud of Daiken’s role in the Japan-New Zealand partnership and the company’s dedication toward resource management.

“Cooperation between Japan and New Zealand within the MDF industry is very strong,” said Yamazaki. “Thirty-five percent of MDF sold in Japan is sourced from New Zealand and we are an active participant in this. We want to continue to build on our reputation as a quality supplier and trusted investor.”