The products of Rennicks Group can be found on the roads in many different parts of the world ―  from traffic signs to license plates, road safety equipment and high-tech signage. Its imprint on the busy motorways of Ireland, the U.K., France and South Africa makes the company one of the top players in the industry.

The success of Rennicks may be attributed to various factors over its 40-year history. But, its partnership with Nippon Carbide Industries Co. Inc., the Japanese giant that produces reflective films, chemicals and electronic materials, stands out as a very significant factor in its longevity. Nippon Carbide has developed a comprehensive portfolio of retroflective sheeting products for the global license plate, traffic sign and vehicle conspicuity markets.

For about four decades, the two companies have had an exclusive relationship that continues to generate mutual benefits.

“We are their value-added distributor. Our style of business is firmly based on values, wherein both sides respect each other and work toward a win-win situation. That’s what is important to us,” explained Managing Director Michael Flanagan.

To ensure a long-term future, the Dublin-based company is determined to adapt the latest technology and expand to other markets.

“We’re anticipating various opportunities for introducing this technology in the European Union,” said Flanagan, who will oversee the development of new products that can be tailored to the needs of its clients.