AbaKus Outsource Ltd. has proven that companies can enter Ireland’s fast-moving marketplace without having to incur the traditionally high overhead investment cost. Since 1999, it has partnered with the Dublin operations of Hitachi High Technologies Group providing them with accounting, payroll and administration support.

Thanks to that partnership, Hitachi was able to focus on the critical engineering services delivered to their customers, as AbaKus looked after the in-country compliance requirements and international reporting needs of the group. The formula was so successful that, 10 years ago, Hitachi assigned AbaKus similar responsibilities for its Israel operations. Meanwhile, AbaKus has developed its business to support other overseas companies with similar services.

CEO Kevin O’Boyle attributes AbaKus’ success to its unwavering commitment to deliver suitable solutions and high-quality service: “We are flexible and focus on our clients’ needs. We listen and serve.” Together with Operations Director Elizabeth Kelly, O’Boyle leads a highly responsive team in tackling the challenges of its clients across multiple time zones.

O’Boyle is confident that AbaKus will continue to thrive through its focus on excellent service and flexibility.

“We will only do this by carefully listening to our clients. I will always value the friends that I have made in Hitachi and the guidance they have given me. I am proud that we have been able to serve them and hopefully, we’ve done a good job.” he said.

With its proven track record and outward focus, AbaKus Outsource is bound to impress more Japanese companies and support their new businesses in Ireland. 

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