As several Irish health care companies branch out, Diaceutics stands out among its peers because of its crucial role in the industry as the leading diagnostic commercialization service provider.

“We were established in 2005 and remain entirely focused on the intersection between diagnostics and therapeutic decision-making. We’re deeply committed to delivering on our mantra ‘Better Testing. Better Treatment,’ ensuring that precision medicine is at the forefront of oncology and pathology,” Chief Operating Officer Damian Thornton explained.

The company created the Diaceutics Method and provides drug developers an end-to-end solution, which maps out the diagnostic landscape, builds commercialization strategies and tactics, implements testing at the laboratory level and tracks post-launch key performance indicators. Because it manages a network of more than 2,500 partner laboratories across Europe, China and the United States, Diaceutics relies heavily on big data management.

“We have built, and are constantly adding to, a robust database of quality information and robust analytics capabilities to understand the different markets and testing practices around the world,” Thornton stressed.

The company has personnel in 17 different countries and serves more than 30 leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Having established a strong reputation globally, the company has experienced around 60 percent growth annually since 2014.

To continue driving this growth, Diaceutics is mapping out bold plans and is aiming to expand geographically, particularly in Asia. 

“Asia is our next big opportunity. While we are on the constant lookout for an Asian headquarters, our goal is to potentially have offices in Japan, China and South Korea in the next couple of years. Those would be our big three,” Thornton said.

“We definitely see huge potential in Asia. This year, our Japanese clients alone have contributed 15 percent to our bottom line,” he added.

In line with its strategy in Japan, Diaceutics will expand its team and its network with top laboratories there throughout 2019.

“As we commit to expansion in Asia, we need to communicate effectively and build our brand. All that said, we’re really excited about what the region and Japan will bring to our business,” Thornton said.