OBH Partners is a dynamic corporate law firm supported by an ever-expanding team of partners and solicitors who are focused on corporate law and have steadily developed an expertise in mergers and acquisitions, banking and commercial property law. The partnership also takes particular pride in its ability to accommodate different business cultures, aside from delivering excellent results.

“We are entrepreneurial. That is in our nature. We understand the value of well-considered and evaluated risk, without some element of which most businesses would never be successful. But most of our clients have certainly learned and act in a more measured fashion following the recession,” Founding Partner Orlaith O’Brien explained.

As Ireland’s economy recovered and growth gained firm momentum in the last few years, OBH Partners capitalized on the influx of new foreign investors, particularly large consumer brands and property developers.

“We act for a large number of foreign clients and because of our size, we are seen as more approachable and accessible than other larger law firms. We work closely with our clients and are an integral part of the core team on transactions,” said Founding Partner June Hynes, who also highlights OBH Partners’ ability to deliver excellent service to many business cultures.

“We are about creating and maintaining relationships. We have a strong team that involves a lot of partner interaction, and we tend to build close relationships with our clients,” O’Brien said.