Nitto Denko Corp. is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year. The company is a global leader in the manufacturing of innovative products across core technology-driven areas — adhesion, coating, polymer function control and polymer analysis and evaluation.

Serving over 70 industries, the company’s proprietary technologies translate to over 13,500 products that provide customers with innovative and unique solutions.

Within Nitto Denko’s network of 96 global companies, the corporation’s Australian operations are a testament to the uniqueness of the Australian market.

Established in the 1980s to serve the automotive manufacturing sector, the company has had to reinvent itself in recent years after the collapse of the automotive sector.

“Eighty percent of our business was dedicated to the automotive sector,” said Michael Finn, managing director of Nitto Denko (Australia). “When the industry announced it would shutdown a few years ago, we knew we had to provide value to Nitto Denko’s global network by utilizing our strengths as a company and serve other industrial sectors in Australia.”

The company recently moved to new offices in a campus-like environment surrounded by open gardens.

“Today, we consider ourselves to be a startup company,” said Finn. “We encourage our employees to be more flexible and customer-focused, as we are now in the business of providing more research and development solutions.”

Finn and his leadership team identified agriculture as a key focus industry. “Our current concepts under development are bridging across the whole supply chain, from enhancing farm management to food security,” he said.

In identifying new business opportunities, Nitto Denko (Australia) is in a position to potentially roll out solutions tested in Australia to other Nitto Denko markets in Europe and North America.

“We are a Western market in an Asian environment,” said Finn. “Australia is a sizable Western test market and is receptive to Japanese technology. We operate in the same time zones and here in Australia we have the advantage of being able to bring together government, industry leaders and customers. Today, we are an innovative company delivering unique products and solutions to customers across Australia. As we continue to bring value to Nitto Denko’s global operations, we will challenge traditional ideas and create new business opportunities.”