Dallas is the most populous city in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the fourth-largest, population-wise, in the United States. Because of market size, the local economy is ripe for various business investments. Companies have set up their head offices in Dallas, located between the West and the East coasts, in order to be at the center of the United States.

The city has established several incentive programs to encourage businesses to relocate from other states or start new enterprises. To gain a competitive advantage and lower operational costs, Dallas offers tax abatements, upgraded infrastructure and set up free-trade zones.

Why are companies thinking of setting up shop in Dallas? “For one thing, the cost of doing business in Dallas is reported to be below the U.S. average. This makes the city more attractive for startup companies and major corporations outside of Texas to move from their current cities to Dallas,” Director of Economic Development Courtney Pogue said.

Compared to other cities across the United States, Dallas also has lower labor costs and rental rates, making it easier for upper management to relocate, recruit quality employees and find the right office space.

“Dallas has thrived since the 2008 recession, far better than other major U.S. cities. Overall, Texas is one state that is on top of driving economic growth and attracting new businesses. This is because of DFW’s strong business culture and quintessential Texan drive to do more and be more,” Pogue said.