As the Japanese economy continues to grow, domestic companies have spent more money and time improving their business practices to match global standards and trends. Smaller firms, in particular, have begun paying closer attention to building a talented workforce.

For more than 25 years, TOP Group has connected executives and companies across the Pacific. It specializes not only in employee-employer matching, but also in building relationships, navigating cultural differences and resolving conflicts from differing business styles.

“We may be a small company, but we are borderless,” said Founder and President Noriko Tabata.

TOP has offices in nine cities and matches people and companies from Japan, the United States, Mexico and Peru.

“We opened our office in Tokyo in 2016 to answer a need for global talent brought about by Japan’s population problem. I serve as the provider of international talent in this regard. Around the world, there is amazing talent that is wasted because their countries cannot support them. Japan is in need of this international talent and has the means to support them,” Tabata explained.

As for recruitment trends in the United States, Tabata pointed out that her Japanese clients prefer local hires over native Japanese-speaking workers.

“This has been one of the biggest changes in the industry over the last three years. So, there still remains a lack of diversity and equality in the workforce. Top talent comes in many forms and we make sure to find them regardless of background,” she stressed.

One of TOP’s goals is also to create a platform for all individuals ― particularly women, immigrants and the LGBT community ― to access equal opportunity and recognition. Tabata has made it her life mission to increase diversity in the workforce and provide clients with top talent with no bias against gender, race or sexual orientation.