Mayor William D. Tate is proud of his city and rightly so.

“Grapevine is at the center of the Dallas‑Fort Worth metroplex and at the center of the United States. Geographically, we have an advantage. We have no corporate income tax. We have an airport with an international route, nine major highways that come together here and commuter rails from Dallas and Fort Worth that’ll be joined here,” Tate explained.

“We also have a quality of life that is urban. But we also have a lot of walking trails and good air quality. We’ve got good education, and people want to live where their kids can get the best education,” he added.

Grapevine’s many advantages, as well as its reputation as one of the best cities in America to live and work in, is apparently what convinced Japanese tractor maker Kubota to move its offices here, all the way from California.

“Kubota was pretty much sold with the community and the region.  We also found that the Japanese correspond with other Japanese companies that they depend on.  They put their facts together. They know what they’re dealing with before they make any decisions,” Tate said.

Kubota is the second Fortune 500 company to relocate to Grapevine. It has given back so much to our community in terms of publicity. According to the mayor, the company has also expressed how much it enjoys the city because of its proud heritage and how it has evolved, much like its own growth and evolution.

Thankful for Kubota’s presence, Grapevine invites more Japanese companies to invest in the city, which is committed to improving the business environment and overall quality of life.