Incorporated in 2004, medical device manufacturer Avazzia has been pioneering innovative health care in Texas. The company offers a wide range of solutions for pain relief, beauty restoration and animal health, among others.

Avazzia’s products are most noted for their bioelectric stimulation technology (BEST™). Developed by CEO Tim Smith, BEST produces noninvasive, neuro-stimulation devices that allow patients to take control of their own pain management. The devices feature a unique High Voltage Pulsed Current (HVPC) technology that produces microcurrents of electric impulses transmitted through the skin to the body’s nervous system and is controlled through an easy-to-use, hand-held device.

“There were two founding objectives. The first was to engineer products that would help the body deal with chronic pain without the need for drugs and surgery. We have achieved that,” Smith said. “The second was to come up with electronic technology that, when applied to the feet, could do things to reverse peripheral neuropathy and accelerate the healing of diabetic ulcers. We have studies that say we have achieved this as well.”

Now, more patients and health care providers use Avazzia devices for a variety of pain management purposes. Aside from diabetes, Avazzia technology is also used for back, neck, shoulder, foot, muscle, joint and other pains, while athletes use them for injury rehabilitation. Acupuncture professionals employ them to augment their practice as well.

Avazzia and its technology have been well received in many parts of the world, including Canada, Asia, South Asia and the United Kingdom. Over the years, the company has partnered with several research and academic institutions in Malaysia, India and the United States to conduct clinical studies and develop new products.

“I’ve had fun at work every day for over 50 years, and this is all due to the true and sincere human relationships that were built through the years,” Smith said.