Originally an image and photography company that transformed into a document solution provider, Konica Minolta has now become a leading total solutions information technology service provider. The French subsidiary of the Japanese technology giant is spearheading the group’s European strategy.

“We have acquired a number of IT companies and have shifted our business toward our service integration activities,” said Jean-Claude Cornillet, president of Konica Minolta Business Solutions, chief executive officer of the group’s Southern Europe Cluster (Spain, France, Italy and Portugal) and executive
director of the board of directors of Konica Minolta.

The company has acquired more than 40 IT companies around the world, including the IT service company Serians in France, a 40 percent stake in MGI Digital Graphic Technology and a major stake in Mobotix, a German surveillance technology company that sells high-end IP video technology that integrates sensors aimed at offering new services including night vision for cars, senior protection in hospitals and fire alerts in manufacturing plants.

“These developments enable us to support the digital transformation of large, medium and small companies by providing a full-range of total solutions,” said Cornillet. 

Last year’s acquisition of Groupe Numerial enabled the company to strengthen its enterprise content management capabilities for large companies, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the prime minister’s office, Accor Hotels, Peugeot and the Red Cross.

Through partnerships with industry leaders and the development of a unifying technology platform, the company is about to launch its milestone product, Workplace Hub — a central information and communication technologies ecosystem that unifies hardware and software to deliver a full suite of services — operated in the cloud and onsite and supported by 400 technicians.

“Having spent five years on product development, we are excited about the launch of this revolutionary service that will dramatically change the ‘workplace of the future’ for our 80,000 customers across France,” explained Cornillet. “This sends a strong message regarding the importance we place on our commitment to France and the rest of our markets in Europe.”

With 1,740 employees, a turnover of €517 million and philanthropic activities such as the Konica Minolta Green Marathon in Rennes and the company’s ongoing support of persons with disabilities in sport, Konica Minolta’s strong commitment to France is assured.

“Our strategy is to grow through acquisitions and professional printing, and provide new technologies and innovations,” said Cornillet. “Our goal is to become a full-service provider and expand into other sectors such as health care and security.”