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European industrial leaders recognize the high quality, functionality and efficiency of the arc welding, spot welding and industrial robots produced by Japan-based Yaskawa.

The company recognized the importance of the Swedish market over 40 years ago when Sweden became the first country to import Yaskawa products.

By the early ’90s, Yaskawa acquired the full ownership of the Swedish company that first imported their products, establishing their first Yaskawa European headquarters.

In 2007, the German market accounted for half of the company’s European sales and the decision was made to move the head office to Germany.

“Since the establishment of our European head office in Germany, our sales in Sweden have continued to grow,” said Par Tornemo, chief executive officer of Yaskawa Nordic AB. “Our revenue has doubled since then and sales show no signs of slowing down.”

As the automotive industry evolves, Yaskawa is keeping one step ahead of the competition by introducing innovative products that work in synergy with new automotive industry technologies.

“While our machines are imported directly from Japan, they are heavily customized to meet the needs of our European clients,” said Tornemo.

“We are seeing our business grow through the development of our partnerships with clients working in the material-handling and spot welding industries. Our Motoman GP12 helps clients handle more medium-sized products and our HC10 collaborative robot features sensor detection technology that allows the robot to be used within close proximity to humans.”

​In addition, the “i3-Mechatronics from Yaskawa” is the company’s answer to “big data”, allowing customers to take efficiency to the next level by utilizing system data collection and analysis. Yaskawa is also strengthening its partnerships across Europe in the areas of “drive, motions and control” (which now consist of 50 percent of Yaskawa’s business in Europe, Middle East and Africa) and software engineering as technological advances in automation continue to develop, resulting to what is now the Industry 4.0.

Yaskawa’s commitment to the Nordic region will be further strengthened in August this year with the opening of a newly completed 2,000-square-meter workshop and office to better serve existing customers and reach out to new clients across the region. Tornemo oversees the operations in the Nordics, Baltic States and Russia. In Finland alone, sales have grown 40 percent in the last two years under his leadership.

“To explore our presence in these countries is one of my highest priorities,” explained Tornemo. “You know that if you come to Yaskawa, you get high quality and good support.”