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“The Swedish gaming industry is huge,” said David Polfeldt, managing director of Massive Entertainment. “We are part of a movement driven by world-class developers.”

According to the Swedish Games Industry organization, the industry’s revenue reached € 1.32 billion in 2016 — double that of just three years prior.

The company started as a passion-driven business that has grown from 30 people to a multicultural workforce of 550 challenge-driven employees working on some of the largest projects in the industry.

“Every year our job demands more from us as the stakes get higher,” said Polfeldt. “We work with hundreds of people located in different countries and recently opened another studio in Stockholm. As our business has grown, we ensure Massive Entertainment continues to deliver.”

In 2016, Massive Entertainment released “Tom Clancy’s The Division.” The game became the fastest-selling game in the history of Ubisoft and Sweden’s largest cultural export for that year. The game’s success led Ubisoft to be ranked among the top 10 publishers in Japan by console unit volume sales in 2017.

“The Division is a thinking man’s action game that goes deeper, asks more complex questions and poses multiple interpretations,” Polfeldt shared.

“We always work under the assumption that our audience is incredibly intelligent and our approach has proved successful, especially in Japan where gamers expect a full immersive experience and intellectual stimulation.”

Massive Entertainment’s craftsmanship has also caught the attention of Japanese superstar game developers Hideo Kojima and Fumito Ueda who have visited Massive Entertainment’s studio in ​Malmo, Sweden.

“Japan has always been a leader in the video gaming industry and I would love to work with such great craftsmen,” said Polfeldt.

Massive Entertainment is currently working on The Division 2 that will be launched on March 15 next year, followed by the company’s next major title based on Hollywood director James Cameron’s “Avatar.”

“We are working on incredibly exciting projects at the moment and we believe we are in a strong position to work more closely with our friends and partners in Japan.”