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For centuries, wood has been used in the construction of traditional Japanese houses. Today, quality timber has become one of Sweden’s largest exports to Japan and Acetimber AB is currently strengthening its ties with its Japanese customers.

Just months after Kerstin Zachrisson established Acetimber AB in 1997, with the intention of exporting Swedish-planed lumber to her customers in Europe, she received an order to fill an entire container bound for Japan. Since then, Acetimber AB has increased its exports of wood products, mainly to Japan, from two containers in its first year to 100 containers these days.

“Japanese customers have always had very strict rules on quality and processes,” explained Zachrisson. “This was good for the development of Sweden’s sawmill industry as it forced suppliers to consider customer requirements and needs.”

Long-term relations, mutual confidence, quality and sustainability are the pillars of success for Acetimber AB.

“I visit customers in Japan twice a year and have been doing so for 20 years,” Zachrisson shared. “Customers want specific sizes for their building and construction needs so we buy standard sizes from sawmills in Sweden and cut them to order.”

Acetimber AB certifies all of their wood products, sourced from sustainable forests.

Many of the company’s clients first learned about Acetimber AB by seeing their standard and custom-made quality products on the docks of major seaports in Japan.

“Though I still supply to some major trading houses, I concentrate on the medium-sized and smaller companies, with whom I have developed long-term relations based on durable quality and a more personal relationship,” Zachrisson said.

“I really enjoy working with the Japanese. It is a special relationship based on trust and respect.”