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With a full range of forklift trucks, warehouse equipment, services and solutions, Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) is a material-handling partner for manufacturing, retailing and logistics companies across the continent.

In 2000, Toyota Industries acquired the Swedish-based forklift truck corporation BT Industries, creating the largest material-handling company in Europe.

“We build long-term partnerships with multinational clients while supporting medium-sized companies through our full service approach,” said Terry Unnai, TMHE chairman.

Last fiscal year, TMHE’s total number of shipments reached over 100,000 and the company recorded a turnover of €2.3 billion.

TMHE’s network extends across Europe and the company has 30 sales offices and manufacturing facilities in Sweden, Italy and France, employing a workforce of 10,300 — almost 5,000 of whom are trained service engineers.

With vast experience in lean manufacturing, the company produces innovative and high-quality material handling equipment, according to Toyota Production Systems. The company’s largest European factory in ​Mjolby, Sweden delivers 80,000 units per year.

The world is changing quickly and two major trends are shaping the future of the industry — e-commerce and labor force issues.

Firstly, with the growth of e-commerce, customers expect timely delivery and after-service care. Distributors must operate more efficiently to meet demand.

Secondly, with companies facing challenges in terms of employee retention, automation is playing an increasingly important role in the industrial workplace.

“Challenges relating to e-commerce and labor force issues are compelling companies to create new solutions,” said Unnai.

“The difficulties of employing second and third shift workers are forcing companies to be more efficient regarding their material-handling capabilities. We are committed to our customers’ success and deliver solutions through our automation know-how.”

Last year, Toyota Industries acquired Vanderlande, a Dutch-based logistic process automation company.

“Following the acquisition, we created synergies between the two companies to deliver integrated material-handling solutions that will provide our customers with advanced, efficient and cost-effective material-handling solutions,” said Unnai.

Toyota strives for quality and the company provides its know-how in lean manufacturing based upon TPS. The Toyota Lean Academy will also help customers to achieve the best possible quality results with maximum efficiency and optimum profitability.

In addition to delivering products and solutions that enable companies to better execute their material-handling needs, TMHE continues to invest in its people.

“It’s vital we train our employees to the highest standard and provide our workforce with development opportunities,” said Unnai.

The company also runs student competitions both in design and engineering to develop fresh ideas for future innovations.

“By providing internships and inspiring innovation, we are confident we will build on our successes by nurturing and encouraging the next generation,” Unnai concluded.