Yamaha Motor's Cell Picking & Imaging System CELL HANDLERTM SLAS Europe 2018 “New Product Award”

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

07/23/2018 11:00 am

Yamaha Motor’s Cell Picking & Imaging System CELL HANDLERTM earned a New Product Award(NPA) at SLAS* Europe 2018 where professionals of life sciences gathered together. This annual Award is given to innovative new products that advance laboratory automation supporting drug discovery and development. It was the first time an international award was given to the recently introduced CELL HANDLER.

There is an evergrowing need for automation, labor saving, and digitization in biological research done in the areas of drug discovery & development and regenerative medicine. The CELL HANDLER performs rapid and accurate cell handling and data collection, which up to now is done by conventional methods that take an enormous amount of time and manual labor.

Comment by General Manager Hikichi, MDB Development Department
“It is a real pleasure that CELL HANDLER received an official commendation at an international exhibition. The need for cell handling is increasing steadily in the study of cancer and regenerative medicine and drug discovery/development in recent years. CELL HANDLER will expand research possibilities and enable speedier drug development at a lower cost. With our innovation, we hope to ultimately contribute to new drug development and reduce medical expenses.”

*Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening

SLAS Europe 2018 Official Website https://www.slaseurope2018.org/
CELL HANDLER product information https://global.yamaha-motor.com/business/hc/