“Xiushan Hospital” opens on Xiushan Island — TSUNEISHI GROUP (ZHOUSHAN) SHIPBUILDING contributed to construction costs


03/13/2018 6:00 pm

On 18 January, the “Xiushan Hospital” to which TSUNEISHI GROUP (ZHOUSHAN) SHIPBUILDING, Inc. (Location: Xiushan Island, Daishan County, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, P. R. of China; President: Jiro Sato) contributed to the construction costs, opened its doors on Xiushan Island.

With the aim of improving medical facilities on Xiushan Island, TSUNEISHI GROUP (ZHOUSHAN) SHIPBUILDING, Inc. donated approximately 30 million yen to the Xiushan Town government in Daishan County, Zhoushan City to support construction of the hospital. The previous Xiushan Hospital (built approximately 50 years ago) was in need of repair, and a new hospital with better facilities that could accommodate the growing population on Xiushan Island was needed as well.

As the sole general medical facility on Xiushan Island, this hospital plays a critical role. It provides residents with access to medicine, medical testing, and medical procedures, including emergency procedures. The Xiushan Hospital, which celebrated its opening a little over a year after construction commenced in December 2016, is an important addition to the community, offering convenience and comfort through the increased numbers of beds and the wider range of available medical equipment.

This donation is the latest in a series of initiatives by TSUNEISHI GROUP (ZHOUSHAN) SHIPBUILDING, Inc. driven by our commitment to being a shipbuilding company that develops hand-in-hand with our local communities. It follows infrastructure projects, such as road building, as well as initiatives to expand employment and incomes. Going forward, we will continue to fund such initiatives to improve the medical facilities and health of the people on Xiushan Island.

■ Outline of Xiushan Hospital
Location: 101 Lan Xin Road, Xiushan Town, Daishan County, Zhejiang Province
Construction Scale: Reinforced concrete, three floors above ground
Plot Area: 4,200 square metres
Construction Area: 1,940 square metres
Number of Rooms: Approx. 60 rooms

Medical Specialisation: Internal medicine, surgery, paediatrics, gastrointestinal medicine, women’s health, child health, etc.
Clinic Facilities: Waiting room, consultation rooms, treatment rooms, intravenous drip room, sick child nursery, etc.
Treatment Equipment: X-rays, multi-slice CT scans, electrocardiograms, ultrasound scans, etc.

This shipyard, the Chinese group company of TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING Co., Ltd. (Head office: Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan) located in Zhejiang Province, China, has the capacity to build about 30 vessels per year, centred on bulk carriers in the 30,000-100,000 ton range, as well as containers, tanker vessels and livestock carriers.

URL: http://www.tsuneishi-zs.com/en/
Business: Shipbuilding
Established: December 2003
Employees: Approx. 4,500 (as ofJune 2017, including subcontractor employees)
Location: Retiao Village, Xiushan Island, Daishan County, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, P. R. of China
Shipyard area: Approx. 1,300,000 square metres
Main facilities: Two berths, one building dock, two 700-tonne gantry cranes, one 3,000-tonne floating crane, etc.
Ship types delivered: Bulk carriers, Container carriers, Tug boats, livestock carriers, etc.

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