vKirirom Pte. Ltd., Ranked 28th in “Deloitt 2017 Technology Fast 500TM Asia Pacific”

vKirirom Pte., Ltd

12/20/2017 3:00 pm

vKirirom Pte. Ltd., Ranked 28th in “Deloitte 2017 Technology Fast 500TM Asia Pacific (APAC)”

~ IT company growth rate ranking, Number one amongst Japanese CEO ~

vKirirom Pte. Ltd.. which organises vKirirom Nature City (Singapore, President: Takeshi Izuka), was ranked 28th out of 500 companies in Technology/Media/Telecommunication (TMT) industry revenue growth rate ranking ‘Deloitte 2017 Technology Fast 500TM Asia Pacific (APAC)’ released by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.

This ranking shows top 500 companies’ revenue growth rate of the past 3 Financial years, based on applications from TMT industry companies in Japan, Australia, China, India, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and other countries. It plays a role of benchmark to understand the growth potential and success of global companies in the TMT industry, regardless of listed or unlisted companies.

vKirirom Nature City will continue to integrate world’s latest IT technologies to build ‘sustainable city development role model through Asia’s No. 1 university at its core’. We aim for further growth through providing children to elderly with educational institution/opportunities, living environment, leisure facilities, working place/companies starting from people in Japan and Cambodia and to the world.

■Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL)
“Deloitte 2017 Asia Pacific region technology Fast 500”

■vKirirom nature city – Special strategy zone that saves Japan –
Times New Roman borrowed about 10000 hectares of land inside Kirirom National Park, conducting 3 main businesses ‘KIT’, ‘vKirirom Pine Resort’ and ‘vKirirom Second Home’. vKirirom Nature City is generic name for the 3 businesses. We pursue education that utilizes internet and AI, innovation in tourism by share economy and AI, innovation in living/industry and whole city by IoT and AI. Through this, we attack and solve using IT gap-widening society and aging population.

■Kirirom Institute of Technology
Globalization has taken place and talented engineers who are capable of it and able to use both Japanese and English are wanted in the labour market including IT companies. However, it is a fact that Japan is short of such engineers. Moreover, aging society with low birth rate accelerates the short of human resources and there is a huge need of training talented people for the whole Asia. KIT was founded as an international university up in the mountain belonging to Kirirom National Park which is 112km away from the capital of Phnom Penh. Through world’s leading education system, we make high potential talented students of Cambodia and Asia to become work-ready for companies.

■Uniqueness of Kirirom Institute of Technology
• Start accepting Japanese students from April 2018
• Nature integrated highland resort and campus
• University exists as part of large-scale project approved by CDC (Council for the Development of Cambodia)
• Academic-industrial collaboration curriculum with growing companies
• English as official language in and outside class
• Able to learn world’s latest IT and application to real life
• Able to achieve ‘the skill to change the society’
• Able to gain diversity through 4 years of student dormitory life with people of other nationalities
• Availability of full scholarship just like Cambodian students *1
*1 All Cambodian students receive scholarship sponsors from Japanese companies which covers 4 years of living and school fees. Instead, students have the obligation to work with the matched company for at least 4 years.

■ Contacts for this publicity
vKirirom Pte. Ltd., Tokyo Office
info@ vkirirom.com  050-3637-6523

Singapore Head Office : #03-00 57 Ubi Crescent Singapore 408596
Establishment : February 6th 2014