Unlocking Tokyo with New One Day Rental Cycle Pass
Service offers more than 5,000 power-assisted bicycles all over Tokyo

Japan Travel KK

05/09/2018 10:00 am

TOKYO, JAPAN. Japan Travel KK will officially launch ‘JapanTravel.Bike’ on May 7th, 2018, a new rental bicycle service aimed at international tourists visiting Tokyo.

The JapanTravel.Bike service was developed on top of the DOCOMO BIKESHARE, INC. power-assisted bicycle rental platform, and offers a new smartphone interface, which provides international tourists easy access, a fast -payment system, and multilingual customer support.

In the past, Japanese and international residents could use the DOCOMO BIKESHARE service only via a pre-registration system so they could commute to work, school, or fulfill other daily errands within Tokyo.

JapanTravel.Bike‘s new smartphone-optimized service for international tourists provides an easy-to-use interface, a fast, simplified credit card payment system, and the ability to book multiple bicycles at a time – for groups and families.

With a flat rate of JPY 1,620 for a basic One Day Pass for Tokyo, international tourists can access any bicycle for up to 24 hours (from 00:01 to 23:59 each day). As well as the bicycle, renters can download either free course maps or premium e-book guides of suggested cycling courses, and pre-order helmets and other services.

A big advantage of JapanTravel.Bike is that the service is fully compliant with local parking laws of every city it operates in, a key feature that makes it trusted, reliable, and widespread. The 500 plus bicycle ports across Tokyo allow convenient rental and return to any port within the area.
JapanTravel. Bike is currently available in Tokyo and Nara, and will be coming soon to other major cities in Japan.
The power-assisted bicycles come equipped with adjustable height seats,
a front basket for belongings, and a power range of approximately 30 km on a full charge.

By using JapanTravel.Bike’s One Day Pass, international tourists can transfer between bicycles at no extra charge at any bicycle port, allowing long distance riders to pick up a fully-charged bicycle.

A DOCOMO BIKESHARE spokesperson said: “We look forward to a strong partnership with Japan Travel, which has already demonstrated great ability in creating an intuitive user interface and focusing on international tourists’ experience.
We are confident that international tourists will also enjoy the comfort of our power-assisted bicycles.

Terrie Lloyd, Founder and Representative Director of Japan Travel, said, “Tokyo is an exciting city, and if you want to see the sights for a day or two, I recommend riding a power-assisted bicycle, which is not only easy and fun to ride, but will open up the number of sightseeing locations you can see, and take you through the local back streets you would not normally see.

For more information on the JapanTravel.Bike service, contact:
Mr. Tom Roseveare, CBO (Chief Bike Officer)
Or, Mr. Kota Hasegawa, Senior Sales Manager
Japan Travel KK
Tel: +81-3-4588-2676
Email: [email protected]