Unazuki Yamanoha Set to Reopen on March 1, 2019

ORIX Corporation

02/12/2019 3:30 pm

TOKYO, Japan – February 12, 2019 – ORIX Real Estate Corporation (“ORIX Real Estate”) announced that renovation of the Unazuki Yamanoha (“Unazuki Yamanoha Onsen Hotel”) it operates has been completed, and that the hotel will reopen on March 1, 2019.

ORIX Real Estate has established ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS as a new hotel and onsen hotel operating brand that operates 13 facilities across Japan. Unazuki Yamanoha is one of these 13 facilities, and fits into the “hot spring ryokan” category. In September 2018, the onsen hotel’s name was changed from Unazuki Suginoi Hotel to Unazuki Yamanoha. The onsen hotel has undergone extensive renovation works: earthquake proofing for the Main Building; the number of guest rooms has been increased, particularly spacious Japanese/Western style and Western style rooms that can be used by groups of guests; while three new private baths that families and other guests can relax in, and a new relaxation room have been established. As a result of these renovations, Unazuki Yamanoha has been revitalized as a onsen hotel at which guests can relax with even greater peace of mind.

Seeds—a 260-seat, approximately 900m2 buffet-style restaurant—serves seafood sent directly from Toyama’s local fishing ports. To coincide with the reopening, the restaurant will launch new menus featuring seasonal ingredients, which enable guests to fully enjoy the unique tastes of the Hokuriku region.

Seeds will offer the first of these seasonal menus from March 1 to May 31, serving a spring dinner buffet full of the culinary delights of the Hokuriku region. Chefs will deep-fry on order firefly squid and Japanese glass shrimp—both of which are spring Toyama delicacies—in the tempura-style, while regional donburi—bowls of rice topped with different ingredients—and other famous local dishes from Ishikawa, Niigata, and Fukui Prefectures will also be available.

Through its close ties with the local community, ORIX Real Estate intends to promote the charms of the Kurobe Unazuki hot spring resort and ensure that Unazuki Yamanoha becomes a onsen hotel that is favored by visitors from Japan and overseas alike.

1. Overview of the Renovations

(1) Renovations to existing guest rooms and the establishment of new guest rooms

The number of guest rooms has been increased by three to a total of 141 rooms. The walls and other surfaces in all guest rooms have been refreshed, and some guest rooms have been fully renovated. The extensive use of natural materials allows guests to experience Kurobe’s natural environment, and this has resulted in the creation of even more relaxing spaces. The number of both Western and Japanese/Western style rooms has increased following the renovations; in addition, the creation of new guest rooms that offer greater convenience to wheelchair users means the hotel is now better able to cater to guests of all ages, including families spanning three generations.

(2) The establishment of new private baths and a relaxation room

Three new private baths with unique river and valley, sky, and forest designs have been built on the first floor of the Main Building, and they have been named “Yamabiko” (“echo”), “Aozora” (“blue sky”) and “Momohara” (“peach fields”). Also situated on the first floor is the new relaxation room, where guests can receive relaxing massages to rid themselves of the fatigue they have accumulated in their daily lives.

■ Overview of private baths
Number of baths: 3
Location: First floor of the Main Building
Charge: 2,500 yen (excluding consumption tax) for 60 minutes; the baths can be used by a maximum of five people
Opening times: 3:20 pm to 10:00 pm
*Baths may be closed for cleaning
Reservation method: Reservations can be made at the front desk on the day of use
*Reservations are made on a first-come first-serve basis; reservations cannot be made in advance.

■ Overview of relaxation room
Location: First floor of the Main Building
Charge: 4,250 yen for a 40-minute course
6,250 yen for a 60-minute course
9,000 yen for a 90-minute course
*Prices shown exclude consumption tax
Opening times: 3:00 pm to midnight

2. Seeds, a buffet-style restaurant
Spring buffet-style dinner menu full of the unique tastes of the Hokuriku region

Seeds’ buffet-style dinner makes use of seasonal local produce, and focuses on seafood sent directly from Toyama’s fishing ports. Guests can order freshly made food at the Live Cooking Corner and the Sushi and Sashimi Corner. To coincide with the reopening of Unzauki Yamanoha, the restaurant will launch new menus featuring seasonal ingredients, which enable guests to fully enjoy the unique tastes of the Hokuriku region. A number of different local Hokuriku dishes will also be available at breakfast. At Seeds, guests will enjoy a memorable dishes of the trip.

Overview of the spring buffet-style dinner menu full of the unique tastes of the Hokuriku region

1. Duration: March 1 to May 31, 2019; available daily from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm

2. Menu contents:

[Local Hokuriku cuisine]
Firefly squid and green vegetables in a vinegar and miso sauce; braised eggs made with Kurobe soy sauce and Toyama eggs; red algae and bracken topped with vinegar jelly; mountain asparagus and butterbur cooked in sugar and soy sauce; pickled sardines and capellini; “berobero” agar; purple yam stems mixed with okara; vegetarian sesame and kudzu tofu with walnut miso
[Crab Corner]
Red snow crab; snow crab; crab bisque
[Hot Food Corner]
Sardines and potato “countryside” stew with Kaga wheatbran; squid and mochi rice stew; noppe stew; six varieties of Toyama oden; broccoli and clam Genovese; meat loaf with poivrade sauce; fried oyster, egg, and cloud ear mushroom; fried egg plant with Chinese chili meat sauce; fried chicken with black vinegar sauce
[Charcoal Grill Corner]
Scallop in the Hokkai-style; Spanish mackerel and Japanese pepper; Shrimp oriental; skewered rice cakes served with soy sauce and miso
[Tempura Corner]
Japanese glass shrimp and vegetable tempura; chicken and kelp tempura; shrimp tempura; two varieties of edible wild plant tempura; one type of vegetable tempura
[Teppanyaki Corner]
Beef (injected with beef tallow); pork (Japanese shoulder roast); chicken (chickens raised in Niigata Prefecture)
[Sushi and Sashimi Corner]
Sushi containing seasonal fish; trout sushi; grilled mackerel sushi; thick-rolled walnut sushi; sushi wrapped in fried bean curd; vegetable sushi; yellow-tail sashimi (March only); cherry bass sashimi (April and May); firefly squid sashimi; one variety of local fish sashimi; sweet shrimp sashimi
[Rice and Noodles Corner]
Volga rice; Hunton rice; rice topped with deep-fried pork cutlet and egg; black curry; rice topped with Japanese glass shrimp and vegetable tempura; Toyama black ramen(noodle); Niigata-style soy sauce ramen(noodle)
[Sweets Corner]
Assorted cakes; seasonal fruits; assorted gelato
[Kids Corner]
French fries; deep-fried shrimp; vegetable jelly; pork dumplings; chicken and tomato pasta; potage

3. Overview of Unazuki Yamanoha

Unazuki Yamanoha is categorized as a “hot spring ryokan” by ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS hotel and onsen hotel operating business brand. From its spacious lobby lounge, guests can observe Unazuki’s famed “Torokko” tram and red New Yamabiko Bridge, gaze on the beautiful mountains of Kurobe Gorge, and experience the vicissitudes of nature. The two, large baths provide guests with an opportunity to rid themselves of the stresses of mind and body, while they can enjoy delicious food from the seas of Toyama and from the mountains of Kurobe in the buffet-style restaurant. In addition to this rich array of facilities and food, Unazuki Yamanoha is staffed by employees who love Kurobe, and who welcome guests with hospitality that satisfies beyond all expectations. Going forwards, Unazuki Yamanoha will continue to communicate the charms of the local region, including the Unazuki hot spring resort’s abundant natural environment, and the unique cuisine of Toyama Prefecture and the Hokuriku region.

4. Overview of the ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS brand

ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS is a new hotel and onsen hotel operating business brand that was established on January 31, 2019; it manages 13 of ORIX Real Estate’s domestic accommodation facilities.
The brand’s concept is “a location to which customers wish to return.” ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS wishes to be a brand that caters to the diverse needs of its customers and even, at times, satisfies desires they did not know they had: https://www.orixhotelsandresorts.com/

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