Tottori's "world's most expensive crab" enters Guinness World Records(R)!

Tottori Prefecture

12/11/2018 2:00 pm

Tottori’s selected “Itsuki Boshi,” the premium brand of Matsuba crab (male snow crab), fetched the highest bidding price of two million yen per crab at this year’s first auction held on November 7 in Tottori.
Tottori prefecture, self-styled “Kani tori (crab catching) Prefecture,” boasts the largest landing volume of crab in Japan.

The Matsuba crab was recognized by the Guinness World Records(R)* as “the most expensive crab sold at auction,” and the accreditation event was held on November 24 as “Kani tori Prefecture’s world’s best Kani festival (crab festival)” at Yebisu Garden Place (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo).

The participants celebrated the Guinness World Record certification, and the governor of Tottori Prefecture, Shinji Hirai, showcased the crab with his favorite wordplay, “This is a Sekani record (=world crab record; Sekai is “world”. “Kani is “crab”), and one that entered Guinness World Records. Please come and visit Tottori Prefecture to see the two-million-yen crab. Wel-kani (welcome) to Tottori Prefecture!”
* Guinness World Records(R) is a registered trademark of the Guinness World Records.

Registration summary of the “Itsuki Boshi,” the premium Matsuba crab recognized by the Guinness World Records
– Record name: the most expensive crab sold at auction
– Record of achievement: two million yen per crab
– Shell width: 146 mm
– Weight: 1.28 kg
– Fishing boat: DAISAN SEIYO MARU
– Venue: Tottori Prefectural Fisheries Cooperative Karo branch
– Record holder: Kanemasa-hamashita shoten co.,Ltd
Representative: Tetsuji Hamashita
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The “Itsuki Boshi,” for which the record was made, was donated to Tottori Prefecture by the winning bidder, Kanemasa-hamashita shoten co.,Ltd, and is currently on display at Tottori Karo Crab Aquarium (3-27-2 Karocho-nishi, Tottori City).

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