The Japan Times Satoyama Photo Contest Selected by Readers 2018

The Japan Times, Ltd.

08/27/2018 1:00 pm

~Share the beauty of “Satoyama” to the world~

Tokyo, August 27, 2018 -The Japan Times Satoyama Consortium (Representative: Minako Suematsu, chairperson of The Japan Times Co., Ltd.) will hold the “Satoyama Photo Contest 2018.”

“Satoyama capitalism” is giving new exchangeable value by people in the community to resources of natural origin promoted by this consortium to create a safe and promising community. It also creates a beautiful and deep feelings toward nature, crops, industry, and people. This contest is aimed at spreading more interest in Satoyama by photos taken in various areas.
For contest winners, luxury prizes as well as prize-winning works are scheduled to be published on the English language newspaper The Japan Times.

Entry Period: Monday, August 13 – Tuesday, September 18, until 10:00 am
Application method: By submitting on Instagram or on the application form
Selection method: We will select by choosing one winner for the best award and two for outstanding prizes.
(Primary selection) Satoyama Consortium Secretariat, and selection by judges
(Secondary screening)The Japan Times Selection by readers’ questionnaire poll
Prizes: Best award  JTB travel ticket 30,000 yen (1 person)
    Excellence Award  JTB travel ticket for 10,000 yen (2 people)

Please check details and apply online from the below link:
▼ Satoyama Photo Contest 2018 Application Page ▼

■ About The Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

【Activity guidelines】
1. To support, connect and increase practitioners of Satoyama capitalism and to make that activity sustainable.
2. To make Satoyama capitalism function as an alternate option of money capitalism.
3. Supporting and involvement in Satoyama capitalism is to create an environment that increases the value of companies, local governments, etc. both in Japan and overseas.
【Official URL】

* “Satoyama capitalism” is not only dependent on the “money economy (money capitalism)” symbolized by the Lehman shock, but also to Japanese history and it’s natural resources without monetary value practice. It is a way of capitalism to create a community that is safe and promising as well as giving the exchangeable value by the hands of people living in it. It is ideal that various unutilized resources are utilized by local practitioners which could create jobs, and lead to revitalization of the entire region.

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