Q cafe, an art and tech fusion space opening Dec 18
to implement Multi-lingual group chat


11/28/2019 4:00 pm

Tokyo, Japan – Kotozna, Inc., announces the implementation of Kotozna Group Chat, a multi-lingual real-time translation service, to Q cafe, a venue slated to open on December 18th that is managed by LS Corporation.
Kotozna Group Chat will allow foreign visitors to Q cafe to communicate with anyone in their own language.

Q cafe is located on the 1st floor of Q stay and lounge, a hotel commencing it’s soft opening on December 28. The hotel’s ambience takes inspiration from Japanese culture and design and aims to attract visitors from overseas.
Q cafe will provide anyone visiting, including hotel guests, to chat with multiple people in any language via real-time translation services. Being able to “speak” smoothly with people of different nationalities allows for robust dialogues amongst people there, and Kotozna, Inc. hopes Q cafe becomes an international hub where people connect with each other beyond just sharing tourist information.

Even with the recent increase in visitors from overseas, Japan has been struggling with communication issues in languages other than Japanese, which has inhibited a closer bond between Japanese and foreign visitors.
This project brings excitement by creating opportunities that will allow people to communicate easily, through contents derived by art and cutting edge technology. By providing opportunities for people to communicate in their own native language, we plan to achieve highly sophisticated hospitality and fulfillment to our visitors.

■ About Kotozna Group Chat
Multi-lingual x Multiple people; we provide a convenient way for a group consisting of people who speak different languages to communicate smoothly. Regardless of what language you speak or your counterparts speak, the interface will always automatically translate and show your preferred language. No need to learn another language; you can chat in your own language with the world.
Our group chat is convenient at conferences, events, schools, work places, wherever there are a diverse nationality of people, you can use Kotozna Group Chat to communicate easily. Alerts and notices can be announced to hundreds or thousands of users at once, and at the same time allows for two way communication with as many people as needed.

■ About Kotozna, Inc.
Kotozna, Inc. has been providing solutions to global language communication issues with artificial intelligence and innovative technology. It developed Kotozna Chat, a free app that allows for instant messaging while simultaneously translating text to desired languages. Another service, Kotozna Camera, provides menu and signage translations in multiple languages utilizing QR codes.
Kotozna Inc. established in 2016, was founded by Genri Goto, founder and former CEO of 20 years of Kenko.com, and Takaaki Kamio, founder of Mindpallet, which was known for Snapee, a photography social network.
Kotozna, Inc. changed its name from JaQool, Inc. in 2018.

■ Press Contact
Kotozna PR Office c/o La creta Inc.
Tel : +81-50-5236-6045
fax : +81-50-3383‐4676

■ About「Q cafe」
Q cafe is the face of Q stay and lounge. This is not your run-of-the-mill hostel cafe. Q cafe provides multi-lingual real-time translated chat that utilizes AI, furnishes the space with projected images, presents art installations, holds events and serves contents that may be the opening to communication.

■ Ethos of Q stay and lounge
A hub of cultures in the heart of Tokyo.
A space where people from different backgrounds gather, mix and communicate. Q stay and lounge is where all the functions of travel accommodation is met in addition to bringing together art, culture, local beauty and cutting edge technology such as AI. A new spin on the concept of hostel, with the added value of socializing contents.

Enjoy encounters and experiences that will exceed your expectations.
■ Message from Leo Liang, CEO of LS Corporation
LS Corporation is a hospitality management company focusing on lifestyle and influencer hotels. We utilize Japanese contents to provide a distinct inbound strategy that targets our ever-changing lifestyle. We capture the latest market demands and trends through people, goods and atmosphere and create value added space and time to our customers.
Our goals:
・Provide social opportunities for young generation of Japanese and foreigners
・Create contents for cultural exchange that leads to a new type of inbound business
・A small intimate hotel with a streamlined theme

■Q stay and lounge Information
Venue:Q stay and lounge Ueno
Address:2-13-2 Higashi Ueno, Taitoku, Tokyo
How to get here:
3 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya line or Ginza line, Ueno station
4 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya line, Naka-Okachimachi station
8 minute walk from JR line, Ueno station or Okachimachi station
8 minutes walk from Keisei Honsen line, Keisei Ueno station
Facility:Basement and 5 floors above ground
Capacity:46 people (Dorm 42, Individual rooms 4)
Management:LS Corporation
Press Contact:03-6263-2030