Pop Culture Experience Program 'pop-cul.jp' for International Visitors to Japan Launch on January 2018!

Entertainment Marketing, Inc.

12/25/2017 9:00 am

‘MANGA Drawing Experience for Press’ on January 4.
Press day for ‘Shopping at Harajuku with Fashion Instagramer’ Experience on January 10.

Entertainment Marketing, Inc.(HQ:Minato-ku,Tokyo, CEO:Rika Katsuguchi) globally introduce Japanese Pop Culture, launches ‘pop-cul.jp’ on January 4, 2018, to respond to the needs of international visitors coming to Tokyo. Launching of the service, holds press conference to experience one of our program on the same day.

About ‘pop-cul.jp’ (Japanese only)
To Book ‘pop-cul.jp'(English only)

International visitors to Japan exceed 24 million in 2016, and stay rising in 2017. Deregulation by amendment of Licensed Guide Interpreter Act enforced on January 4, 2018, makes foreign language speakers easier to be a guide without license. Entertainment Marketing, Inc. takes the opportunity to launce services ‘pop-cul.jp’ to sell experience program of ‘MANGA’, ‘Harajuku Fashion’, ‘Cosplay’, ‘Ramen’, ‘Ninja’.
Our guides are cutting edge such as professional MANGA artists, Harajuku Fashion Instagramer, Cosplayers very attractive at Comiket, helps you to enjoy real pop culture in Japan.

[“pop-cul.jp” Overview]
‘MANGA DRAWING’One Day Experience
In Western World as well, Japanese MANGA gain good attention. Nowadays, you can find ‘MANGA Corner’ at bookstores in a big city like Paris and New York City. Drawing MANGA requires unique technics, totally different from Western Comics. It attracts many people abroad. Entertainment Marketing, Inc. collaborates with Nihon MANGAjuku, school nurturing professional MANGA Artists, develop one-day experience program of ‘MANGA Drawing’, start to sell in January 4, 2018. To participants, we provide ‘MANGA Drawing Basic Kit’ contains Manuscript Papers, made-in-Japan pen, and ink. Professional MANGA Artists are among teachers, lecture in Japanese and interpreter translates.
Program takes about 8 hours including ‘MANGA strip’, ‘Inking’, ‘Spot Filling’, ‘Screentone’, leaning basic MANGA Drawing Technics, Japan original. At the end of the program, we frame your work for you to take it back home as memory. This program is held once a week from February 19, 2018.
Fee is about USD500.00(*) including ‘MANGA Drawing Basic Kit’.

Experience ‘Shop at Harajuku with Instagramer ‘Harajuku Fashion’
Harajuku is the hub of fashion in unique perspective. Youngsters, dreaming about visiting to get pop clothes, accessories, Kawaii knick-knacks, are countless all over the world.
Duration is four hours, that Harajuku Fashion Instagramer with many followers, rikarin ( https://www.instagram.com/rikarin0526/ ) takes you around at Harajuku for four hours to shop at the best match to your favor.
Since Instagramer herself is a guide in English, participants can expect to communicate smoothly, have fun with snack time at trendy sweets shop.
This program starts on January 10, 2018, on Wednesday every week.
Fee is about USD100.00(*), including 1 drink + 1 sweets, payment of whatever you shop is on you.

Cosplay Experience at Akihabara
Holy Place of Anime and MANGA ‘Cosplay’
With no doubt, Cosplay represents Japanese Pop Culture, and has intensive presence. Cosplay shops appear one after another in Western World cities, you can purchase costumes and items, officially licensed with Anime or MANGA. However, cosplay shops in Japan, the Home of Cosplay, deal the best quality and quantity of products.
In Cosplay Experience Program, active Cosplayer, attract people at Comiket in Japan, guide you to enjoy shopping at Cosplay shops at Akihabara, with an
Interpreter. Experience includes setting your wig for cosplay at beauty parlor, visiting photo studio, rent costumes for real Cosplay photo session.
The Cosplay Program starts in March 2018, once a week. Fee is about USD200.00(*), includes photo session, but not setting your wig at beauty parlor and payment on shopping.

More to come;
* The Program to create your original Ramen.
* The Training Experience aiming a Ninja to perform at house party.
and so on.
pop-cul.jp always be aware of trend, adds more programs focusing on very popular content.

(*)Actual fee varies depend on sales route.

Announcement for Experience Opportunity ‘MANGA Drawing in One Day’ at Press Conference
Entertainment Marketing, Inc. holds ‘MANGA Drawing in One Day’ experience event for press on Thursday, January 4, 2018.It is valuable opportunity to experience the essence of new program ‘MANGA Drawing in One Day’, so come and join us!
On the day, general participants join, and Rika Katsuguchi, CEO of Entertainment Marketing, Inc., interpret to be an interpreter. Also after program, have time for interview and Q&A.
Schedule:1pm – 3pm, Thursday January 4,2018
Venue:Nihon MANGAjuku
Kanda Northern Bldg., 6-1-4 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021
TEL 03.5816.8721
Booking:TEL 03.6721.0095 FAX:03.6804.2739
Entertainment Marketing, Inc.
PIC: Rika Katsuguchi, Dennis Sugahara

Announcement for ‘Shopping at Harajuku with Instagramer’ Press Day
Entertainment Marketing, Inc. holds ‘Press Day’ to experience po-cul.jp’s the first ‘Shopping at Harajuku with Instagramer’ program on Wednesday, January 10, 2018.We obtain permission from all participants to shoot photos and videos, so that press cover easier.
In the day, Rika Katsuguchi, CEO of Entertainment Marketing, Inc., joins and after program has some time for interview and Q&A.
Schedule:1pm – 5pm, Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Meeting Point:Harajuku Station(To be announced to participants)
Booking:TEL 03.6721.0095 FAX:03.6804.2739
Entertainment Marketing, Inc.
PIC: Rika Katsuguchi, Dennis Sugahara

[Deregulation with Amendment of Guide Interpreter Act]
In May, 2017, amendment Licensed Guide Interpreters Act was established, and enforce on January 4, 2018.
The amendment allows paid guides without license, in order to expand acceptance of international visitors. Before the amendment, paid guides are required national license, ‘Guide Interpreters’, shortage of licensed guides in problem.
(Japan National Tourism Organization
‘Guide Interpreter Act’ was enacted in 1949, initially intend to prevent people below average on guiding or providing tourists information to foreign visitors without permission. The exam for license is quite a challenge, subject of pass rate is 20%. The exam contains foreign languages such as English, Chinese, Geography, History, and Contemporary Society, requires hard study. As a result, licensed guides are limited to who has rich academic experience, and ages of the passed got rise, 50’s – 30.5%, 40’s – 26.3%.
It is Ok to explain shrines, temples and traditional culture though, not quite qualified to explain pop culture.
From January 4, 2018, in enforcement of deregulation, the unlicensed can work as a paid guide to international visitors. In this opportunity, Entertainment Marketing, Inc. develop and sell programs that offers experience real Japanese pop culture like MANGA Drawing, Harajuku Fashion, and Cosplay.

[About Entertainment Marketing, Inc.]
Founded as ‘a company to marketing entertainment’ in 2015, Entertainment Marketing, Inc. is engaged in business to introduce Japanese artists, musicians, dancers and Japanese pop culture to the world.
Based in Tokyo and Los Angeles, Ca. U.S.A., deciphering nature of world class entertainment,

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Entertainment Marketing, Inc. PIC: Rika Katsuguchi, Yutaka Sugahara
Akasaka Residential Hotel 1014,
9-1-7 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052
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