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Announcing Release of Kotozna Translation Card
Multi-lingual translation just by tapping card with your smartphone


10/24/2019 11:00 am

Tokyo, Japan – Kotozna, Inc. released Kotozna Translation Card, an NFC enabled revolutionary card that allows translation of up to 104 languages for texts and speech with just a tap of the card with a smartphone. Sales start October 24th, and the card is JPY1,500 (excluding tax).

NCF stands for Near Field Communication, a cutting-edge technology standard focusing on short-range wireless communication. It allows for data transfer just by tapping. Many Android devices already incorporate NFC with their wallet function, and Apple has enabled it in iPhone XS and later. Earlier devices can also use NCF with a NCF reader app.

Kotozna Translation Card comes installed with an NFC tag, and by tapping this card your smartphone becomes a real-time multi-lingual translation tool. The tag automatically reads the device’s default language and takes care of the rest. No need to tweak your settings, no download necessary and the card supports voice to text input.
Kotozna Translation Card comes with a QR code as well for those devices that are not NFC ready.
User friendly and intuitive, Kotozna Translation Card is perfect especially for foreigners living outside of their homeland, tourists and globetrotters.

Japan is seeing an influx of visitors and with international sports events being held next year; the country is expecting 40 million annual visitors by 2020. Immigration law is changing in favor of foreign workers as well, and an increase in multi-national teams within the workforce is imminent. However, most areas of Japan still remain heavily Japanese in its speech and writing, and language barrier is a major issue for foreigners living in and visiting Japan.

Kotozna, Inc. sees smartphones as tools to break this language barrier. As long as you own a smartphone, you can use Kotozna Translation Card. It does not require any special devices. By tapping the card, your smartphone becomes a face-to-face translation tool. It can also become a messaging tool with real-time multi-lingual auto-translation, so you can communicate in your own language with anyone around the world. It accommodates group chats of up to 50 people in different languages as well. These services are free to use forever with a one-time purchase of Kotozna Translation Card for JPY 1,500.
Useful in business and pleasure, from one-on-one meetings, hotel check-ins and restaurants to international conventions and multi-national team building, Kotozna Translation Card expects 500,000 users by the end of 2020.

●To purchase Kotozna Translation Card :
 Amazon –
●To experience real-time multi-lingual translation messaging go to

This is not a chatbot. You will be communicating with an English speaking human Kotozna staff. Services available weekdays from 9am to 5pm JST. Please be advised there may be wait time when the service is busy. For PC users please scan the QR code with your smartphone. For smartphone users, click on the URL to visit trial site.

* A Kyushu University version Kotozna Translation Card will go on sale at the University’s co-op on October 30.


[ Kotozna Translation Card Features ]
・NFC enabled – just tap the card with your smartphone to start auto-translated multi-lingual chat.
・QR code for non-NFC ready devices.
・One time purchase of JPY1,500 and receive services forever, No hidden costs or payments.
・Communicate in 104 languages.
・All you need is your smartphone, no other devices.
・The people you want to communicate with can use their own browser. No download necessary. (Card owner must download app)
・Voice to text support. You can speak or type in your message.
・Auto-detects smartphone default language. No settings required. You only use your own language.
・From one-on-one conversations to group chats of up to 50 people.
・Connect with someone in front of you or connect remotely. You can have it both ways.
・Once purchased, you can use our service forever.


[ About Kotozna, Inc. ]
Kotozna, Inc. has been providing solutions to global language communication issues with artificial intelligence and innovative technology. It developed Kotozna Chat, a free app that allows for instant messaging while simultaneously translating text to desired languages. Kotozna Chat services 104 languages, with group messaging and translation functions. Another service, Kotozna Camera, provides menu and signage translations in multiple languages utilizing QR codes.
Kotozna Inc. established in 2016, was founded by Genri Goto, founder and former CEO of 20 years of, and Takaaki Kamio, founder of Mindpallet, which was known for Snapee, a photography social network.
Kotozna, Inc. changed its name from JaQool, Inc. in 2018.

[ Press Contact ]
Kotozna PR Office c/o La creta Inc.
Sakuragaokacho 31-14, Okasan Sakuragaoka Building, Slack Shibuya 7F
Shibuyaku, Tokyo 150-0031 Japan
Tel : +81-50-5236-6045
fax : +81-50-3383-4676