mikeneco Corp. “business succession support” has been approved as management innovation plan by tokyo metropolitan government

mikeneco Corporation

09/24/2019 3:30 pm

mikeneco Corp. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo/ CEO; Shohei Niizato) new service “business succession support” has been approved as management innovation plan on 4th July,2019.

Our theme: Business succession support and facilitation
Terms: March 2019 – February 2025
*management innovation plan is a plan for SEMs to improve management by launching new business activities. It is based on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Business Enhancement Act and the government and each prefectural governors are certified.

▼what is ”business succession support”
In Japan, we have many small and medium-sized companies with high technology. But these companies are forced to be dissolved or closed due to the aging of management and the lack of successors. To change this situation, the M & A market led by financial institutions, consulting firms, and professionals is booming, and they provide financial and legal support for business continuity. On the other hand, changing the corporate culture associated with business succession is an important issue for new managers. However, many companies often find it difficult to proceed smoothly because of lacking of preparation and communication with employees.
As a result of our experiences in solving problems related to marketing communications, we use a marketing framework to conduct workshops and coaching tailored to the company’s needs, making it possible to build a system in which managers and employees take action to solve problems on their own initiative.

▼Interview with mikeneco CEO

1)Why have you launched this new service?
We are creative agency in Tokyo especially B to B industry. One day one of our client needed the advice on the issues of lack of communication and disagreement due to the change of president. I felt that it was a very disappointed situation that the business was not going well due to the problem of lack of communication. I’d decided that I could change this situation, so I started this service.

2)mikeneco is creative agency not consulting firm, what is the significance to provide this service?
We are professional of communication planning. Marketing is to think about how to communicate to the audiences, but the idea is same even if it is a management vs employees. And idea of using perspectives of marketing and creative into business management is common in the Western countries. We hope that new idea or though will be born in that company by using there perspectives.

3)what’s the purpose of this service for mikeneco?
First of all to keep technologies which SEMs have, and then they might find new possibilities adding perspective of marketing and creative into management business. We are glad if we can help to contribute the company’s growth.

*This support is currently only available in Japanese.

【about mikeneco Corp.】
We are creative agency based on Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo,launched March 2015. We are specialized BtoB industry’s marketing and branding support.

mikeneco Corporation
Risa Iijima, in charge of PR & marketing
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