Luxury Kyoto's Traditional Wooden House Style Inn "Rinn Premium" OPEN!


07/31/2018 3:00 pm

Mita Securities’ fund has renovated a vacant Kyomachiya (wooden houses that were built before 1950 using traditional methods in Kyoto) into a traditional Japanese inn.

Mita Securities, which has permission to create Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprises, has formed “Kyomachiya No.3 Nini Kumiai (Kyomachiya No.3 Union)”. The Kumiai acquired vacant a wooden house in Kyoto and had skilled craftsmen renovate it into an inn. In mid-July, 2018, it opened as “Rinn Premium”, a luxury Kyomachiya inn. The operator is Real Corporation, which has extensive experience as an operator of Machiya inns in Kyoto. (URL:

“Rinn Premium” is near the Goeido Gate of Hongwanji and located in the quaint old-fashioned area lined with Buddhist altar fitting stores. It is within walking distance of Kyoto station.

It can accommodate 7 guests and achieve modern levels of comfort while retaining and utilizing the original features of Kyomachiya.

We used old pillars and beams as they are and adopted traditional methods of building such as bamboo latticed walls. Traditional techniques and layouts of Kyomachiya are handed over to future generations through our project.

“Rinn Premium” is equipped with IoT devices. They make it possible for the operator remotely to turn on or off the lights and the air conditioner ahead of guests’ arrival and also save electricity. We realized an inn having habitability and comfortableness by introducing floor heating, a cypress bathroom, “made-in-Japan” consumer appliances with excellent functionality, the highest quality bedclothes, etc.

■Address 222-1, Butsuguyacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
■Access 15 mins walk from Kyoto station
■Floor area 98.57 sqm
■Price JPN 30,000- (for 2 persons)
■Capacity 2-7 people
■Facility Wi-fi/Shower/Toilet with warm water bidet/Microwave/Refrigerator/Air cleaner/TV/Towels/etc…

>>About Mita Securitie’s Kyomachiya Revitalization Project

We have permission to create Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprises and raise funds from those interested in investing in Kyomachiya. Skilled craftsmen renovate Kyomachiya into ryokan (traditional Japanese inns) which achieve modern levels of comfort while retaining and utilizing the original features of the houses. We are currently operating licensed Kyomachiya ryokan accommodations and are distributing earnings to investors. We have acquired 21 Kyomachiya and renovated 13 of them into ryokan.

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