Jinseki Summer School 2019
July 21-August 3, 2019
Two Weeks of Education in English for Children from Five to Twelve Years Old


02/08/2019 11:15 am

Next Educational Environment Development (NEED, located in Jinsekikōgen-chō, Hiroshima Prefecture), which is soon to launch “Jinseki International School,” Japan’s first full boarding school for elementary school children, will open “Jinseki Summer School 2019” for two weeks from July 21 to August 3, 2019.

This year will be Jinseki’s third Summer School. In a wonderful natural environment, children aged from five to twelve will learn English through the popular Tokyo International School Group program. We have also prepared many exciting activities to enrich the experience of highly receptive primary/elementary school children, including physical exercise with top athletes and enjoying the beautiful starry skies. In addition, we will have teachers from an elementary boarding school in Switzerland to provide programs that are based on the International Primary Curriculum.

< The Summer School Program >

The Tokyo International School Summer Program explores various themes in English. In each theme there is a “Core Question”, and through a variety of activities, children look for answers under the guidance of an experienced English mother-tongue teacher. In the process, children develop their thinking skills, their expression and confidence as well as the qualities so necessary in a global era: the ability to embrace and also to challenge new ideas.

All lessons are in English – and even complete beginners steadily acquire the foundations of English as well as the learning skills encouraged by an “exploratory curriculum” that draws on children’s curiosity.

< Sports Activities >

Building on from last year’s successful formula, this year’s sport program, provided in collaboration with the “UNITED SPORTS FOUNDATION” (USF), will have “One World, One Team” as its theme. The USF provides activities to promote and convey the attractiveness of sports from a global perspective. The objectives of its program include the sense of unity and excitement of teamwork and the joy of taking on new challenges.

Top-class athletes who have been members of Japanese national teams offer the participants hands-on help, meaning that children who are new to sports activities can also enjoy the program.

< Academic Program >

This academic program is based on the highly regarded International Primary Curriculum and Early Years Curriculum (for kindergarten, primary, and elementary school children). The students learn history, geography, math, science, art, PSHE* and international mindedness through one project, which they finish by the end of the Summer School. Completing a unit like this gives them a sense of achievement.

This program will be provided by specialist teachers from an elementary boarding school in Switzerland.

*PSHE (Physical Social Health Education): A class consisting of a combination of health and moral education as it would be called in Japan.

< Details of Jinseki Summer School 2019 >
Date: Sunday, July 21, 2019 to Saturday, August 3, 2019
Location: Planned site of Jinseki International School (5090 Tokiyasu, Jinsekikōgen-chō, Jinseki-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture) and surrounding area
* Free transportation available from Hiroshima Airport or JR Fukuyama Station
Eligibility: Ages five to 12 (kindergarten to 6th grade in elementary school)
Number of participants: 40 (minimum of 20)
Fee: ¥400,000 (tax not included)
Organizer: NEED (Next Educational Environment Development)
Support: Jinsekikōgen-chō, Jinseki Kōgen Hotel
Cooperation: Tokyo International School Group Co., Ltd., EDICM Corp., UNITED SPORTS FOUNDATION

Apply URL: https://www.need-japan.com/en/summerschool_2019.html

Next Educational Environment Development (NEED)
Having welcomed former Oxford Dragon School headmaster John Baugh and others to serve as advisers, Next Educational Environment Development (NEED) aims at opening Japan’s first elementary boarding school, “Jinseki International School,” seeking to incorporate the ideas and educational methods of European boarding schools, which have histories dating back more than a century, into the Japanese education system.
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