Extending of ALTOA Online Lending Service That Leverages Accounting Big Data and AI Technology to Sole Proprietors

ORIX Corporation

12/17/2018 9:05 am

TOKYO, Japan – December 10, 2018 – Altoa, Inc. (”Altoa”), the entity jointly established by ORIX Corporation (“ORIX”) and Yayoi Co., Ltd. (“Yayoi”) announced that it will extend its ALTOA Online Lending Service to sole proprietors.

The ALTOA Online Lending Service is an online lending service provided through a new credit model that uses AI technology to combine the credit know-how of ORIX with the accounting big data of Yayoi. The service, which started in December 2017 for corporate customers using “Yayoi Accounting,” specializes in loans that satisfy small amount, short-term funding needs mainly from small businesses. It has achieved a level of convenience that was not possible with conventional business loans by allowing all procedures to be completed online and enabling loans to be provided on the day of application at the shortest.

According to a Yayoi customer survey*1, 44.2% of sole proprietors have been staying away from obtaining loans from financial institutions due in part to complex procedures despite having a need for short-term financing. Altoa will meet sole proprietors’ needs for working capital and unexpected borrowing needs by leveraging the network of Yayoi, which has formed partnerships*2 with more than 9,000 accounting firms. Going forward, Altoa will also build a track record of lending and expertise in risk management with a view of partnering with financial institutions to launch LaaS (Lending as a Service) agreements.

ORIX, Yayoi and Altoa will create new services in the small business lending market, which has been very difficult to tap as costs associated with human processing made such lending not viable.

*1 A questionnaire survey by Yayoi that covers customers using Yayoi.
*2 Yayoi Professional Advisor Program (PAP) members.

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