Children’s Hands-on Learning Programs Held in Yufu City and Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

ORIX Corporation

12/04/2018 4:25 pm

TOKYO, Japan – November 30, 2018 – ORIX Miyauchi Foundation hosted the Children’s Hands-on Learning Program on November 10, 2018 to teach children in Oita Prefecture about work at a confection factory and a hotel.

Held by the Foundation for the first time in Oita Prefecture, the program invited approximately 50 children and staff from children’s homes within the prefecture to the factory tour facility “Confection Building” of the long-established confection manufacturer Kikuya Co., Ltd. and Beppu Suginoi Hotel operated by the ORIX Group in Beppu City. Besides learning about the manufacturing process for confection and work at a hotel, the children also took part in other activities, such as visiting the Suginoi Geothermal Power Generation Facility located within the premises of Suginoi Hotel.

(1)Learn about how to make confection, etc. at Kikuya’s “Confection Building”
(2)Visit Kikuya’s confection factory, and learn about work in the factory
(3)Lunch at Suginoi Hotel
(4)Learn about Suginoi Geothermal Power Generation Facility and work at the hotel
(5)Quiz and games competition (rock-paper-scissors)

At Kikuya’s “Confection Building,” the factory manager talked about a range of topics, from how confection is made to behind-the-scenes episodes from the development of popular products. During the factory tour, the children showed intense interest in the process where each confection was carefully made. They watched the work through glass panels. After lunch, they visited the geothermal power plant within the premises of Suginoi Hotel. A quiz about the geothermal power plant and work at the hotel as well as a games competition (rock-paper-scissors) was held with much excitement. Comments from the children included “I was able to spend precious moments which I would otherwise not be able to experience” and “It was very fun.”

Going forward, ORIX Miyauchi Foundation will continue its support for social activities under the ORIX Group and contribute to the realization of a truly affluent society.

■Overview of ORIX Miyauchi Foundation
ORIX established the ORIX Social Fund in April 2006 with the goal of continued contribution to society in areas not reached by its business activities including social welfare, support for children and youth who are the bearers of the future, and music and the arts. To continue these activities, we established the ORIX Foundation and it was approved as a public interest incorporated foundation by the Prime Minister in December 2010. In June 2014, it changed its name to ORIX Miyauchi Foundation. We will continue to support social activities and contribute to the realization of a truly affluent society.

■Recently-held Children’s Hands-on Learning Programs (photos taken during day of program)

In October 2018, children from Iwate Prefecture were invited to an experience nature class held at a forest in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. Besides strolling in the forest, children enjoyed “nature games” where they learned about nature through play. They also tried making Christmas wreaths in their own unique ways using pine cones, taking on the process with serious expressions.

Children from Okinawa Prefecture were invited to a program held in October 2018 for learning about the ecology of coral reefs in Okinawa. In addition to creating an opportunity for understanding the importance of nature and learning about Okinawa’s environment, other activities were also carried out, including allowing the children to touch starfish and other animals, and experience making bases for coral seedlings. The coral seedlings are nurtured at the aquarium for about three months before being transplanted into the ocean off the coast of Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture.

In July 2018, children from Gifu Prefecture were invited to learn about the night skies and other subjects on the day of the traditional Tanabata Festival. They were given the chance to create their own wooden keyholders and also to build air rockets using used empty plastic bottles. They seemed to be very excited to shoot off their rockets with the help of employee of the ORIX Gifu office who participated in the program as volunteers.

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