Bullet Group Inc. Begins Acceptance of Crypto Assets as a Payment Method for Advertising Transactions

Bullet Group Inc.

10/29/2019 11:00 am

Advanced usage of CIM, a crypto asset issued by Makers Farm Pte. Ltd., for domestic and overseas transactions

Tokyo, Oct.29, 2019 — Bullet Group Inc.(HQ: Tokyo, CEO: Atsushi Ogata) implements new payment functions using crypto assets to the Affiliate Service Provider business (hereinafter referred to as ASP) named “SLVRbullet”, which is operated by BG Technology, Inc. (HQ: Tokyo, CEO: Ryo Osaki, 100% owned subsidiary).
The business will accept payments of advertising fees from advertisers and also pay affiliate fees to publishers by crypto assets.
This is a groundbreaking feature for Japan and overseas to provide payment acceptance and payment functions using crypto assets in ASP.

The crypto asset adopted is “CIM” that is issued by Makers Farm Pte. Ltd. (HQ: Singapore, CEO: Yoshihiro Kanemitsu, hereinafter referred to as MF). MF has launched a cashback service named “COINCOME” (Global at https://cimcome.sg Japanese at https://cimcome.jp) to provide users in Southeast Asia, including Singapore and Japan with cashback in CIM when they shop online, etc.
“CIM” is listed on Liquid Global, a major global cryptocurrency exchange, while preparation for listing in Japan is underway. MF established Makers Farm Japan, Inc. as a Japan subsidiary to extend COINCOME services to Japan this year.

This initiative helps MF promote the distribution of CIM in markets including Japan, while introducing a number of advantages to Bullet Group (no exchange required compared to the traditional fiat currency, simple remittance procedure, crypto assets are highly complementary to affiliates, etc.). As a shareholder, we will contribute to the business promotion of MF including “crypto assets payment API business” which MF is planning to deploy.

Bullet Group intends to provide payment methods using CIM for domestic and overseas ASP companies similar to SLVRbullet, promote integration of CIM for cashback site operators similar to COINCOME, and provide DApps platform as an OEM, etc. Besides, we are planning to enter AI-scoring-based microfinance business targeting crypto assets and jointly conduct R&D.

For more details such as “CIM” token unit price increase mechanism and “cost recovery” scheme obtained from MF’s profit improvement cycle, view Bullet Group’s website ( https://bltinc.co.jp/en/news/begins-crypto-assets-payment/ ) to read the full-text press release.

Press Release is available for download in PDF in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese from the links below.

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