Boarding School Seminar in Taipei
Introducing Jinseki International School, a European Style Boarding School for Young Children Scheduled to Open in Japan in 2020


02/26/2019 11:00 am

with Michael Rob Gray, Headmaster of Le Rosey (Switzerland)

Next Educational Environment Development (NEED), which aims at opening “Jinseki International School,” Japan’s first boarding school for elementary school children, will hold a seminar in Taipei, Taiwan to introduce the boarding school, which is scheduled to open in Japan.

Drawing on over 30 years in international education and 17 years as Head of Le Rosey, Switzerland’s leading boarding school, Mr. Gray will talk about the concept of international boarding as well as specific features of the Jinseki school.
At the same time, we will also introduce Jinseki Summer School 2019. This school year, it will be the third time that we will be holding this summer school, and it will be held at the site where Jinseki International School is scheduled to open. In addition to past achievements, we will introduce the details of the summer school program. Those considering having their children enrolled in Jinseki International School are encouraged to attend this seminar.

Michael Rob Gray presentation
1)Features of European Boarding School
2)Features of Jinseki International School
a)Background and progress to date
b)School location and surrounding area
c)Educational philosophy
d)Benefits of boarding (opportunities for parents to visit and stay at Jinseki, as well as consultations, seminars, etc.)
e)School organization, structure and uniform
f)Curriculum and extracurricular programs
g)Potential opportunities for students upon graduation
3)Introduction of Jinseki Summer School 2019
The presentation will be in English, but simultaneous interpretation in Mandarin will be available.

Speaker:Michael Robert (Rob) Gray
(M.A Cantab., MIL, Dip TEFLA, etc.) has been Headmaster and Deputy Director-general of Le Rosey since 2002.
Rob Gray graduated from Cambridge University (UK) where he read English at Trinity College, and worked briefly in arts administration before moving to France to begin his career in education.
He worked as a teacher and Head in schools and universities in Spain, the UK, France, and Brussels before taking up his present post at Le Rosey, arguably the most prestigious and academically successful boarding school in Switzerland. Le Rosey is also –with its 10% nationality quota system, English-French bilingualism, and 25 taught languages– almost certainly the most international boarding school in the world. About 100 of its 440 pupils are from Asia, and Le Rosey has a long tradition of welcoming Japanese students.
As the Head of Le Rosey for the last 17 years, he is a passionate believer in international education, the benefits of a boarding and of the importance of balance between rigorous but forward-looking academics, the creative arts, sport and personal development.
Mr. Gray has published a number of articles, given presentations at international conferences and has been on several working parties involved in international education. He is on the board of Le Rosey and JFK School in Saanen and does consultancy work for an international education group.
He speaks fluent French and Spanish, and his two children – themselves trilingual – were educated at Le Rosey.

Host: NEED Corp.
Co-host: 林肯企管顧問公司Lincoln Management consultants Co.,
Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Time: 13:30–16:00 (Reception desk opens at 13:00)
Venue: W Hotel Taipei 11th Floor Strategy2
Address: 10 Zhongxiao East Road Sec. 5, Xinyi District, Taipei Taiwan

Next Educational Environment Development (NEED)
Having welcomed former Oxford Dragon School headmaster John Baugh and others to serve as advisers, Next Educational Environment Development (NEED) aims at opening Japan’s first elementary boarding school, “Jinseki International School,” seeking to incorporate the ideas and educational methods of European boarding schools, which have histories dating back more than a century, into the Japanese education system.
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