“The Japan Times and Cybozu-owned media Kintopia launch a joint series on diversity and the future of the Japanese workplace”

The Japan Times, Ltd.

08/28/2020 11:00 am

The Japan Times, Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Chairperson and publisher: Minako Suematsu) and Cybozu Inc.’s (Head Office: Chuo-ku; Tokyo; President Yoshihisa Aono) Kintopia, an English-language online media, have jointly launched a six-part feature series titled “Diversity and the Future of the Japanese Workplace,” to run from August 28 to January 2021. The content will explore the importance of diverse work styles for the future of the Japanese workplace.

In pursuit of its mission to build a society brimming with teamwork, Cybozu has been creating work-related content since May 2012 on its Japanese media platform “Cybozu-shiki” (which translates to “Cybozu-style”). Cybozu-shiki publishes pieces on organizational reform, diverse work styles and work-life balance, in accordance with Cybozu’s principle of “100 people, 100 work styles.”

Kintopia started in July 2019 as Cybozu’s global media platform, and produces content in English focused on reimagining the relationship between people, companies and society.

The impact of coronavirus, coupled with the effects of an increasingly globalized economy, is driving many companies to re-examine the way they carry out business.

Through this collaboration, The Japan Times and Kintopia will explore the relationship between diversity and the Japanese work environment through interviews with foreign nationals, experts and academics based in Japan. Articles will be posted on the websites of The Japan Times and Kintopia.

This is the first time that The Japan Times — Japan’s largest English-speaking media with a history spanning over 120 years — joins forces with Cybozu to produce content for a global audience. By combining The Japan Times’ know-how with Cybozu’s unique experience leading Japanese work style reform, this series promises to offer an attractive and engaging perspective into Japan’s future.

◆Outline of the project
[Implementation media]
・The Japan Times Special Website: https://info.japantimes.co.jp/jt-with-kintopia/
・Cybozu Kintopia: https://kintopia.kintone.com/

[Project name]
”Diversity and the Future of the Japanese Workplace”

How social and economic trends are pushing Japanese companies to reimagine their relationship with diversity

August 2020~January 2021 (once a month)

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Founded in 1997 and moved by its mission to “build a society brimming with teamwork,” Japanese groupware developer Cybozu has released several best-selling teamwork software products for businesses, including “Cybozu Office,” “Garoon,” “kintone,” and “Mailwise.”. In 2007, the company established a hub in Shanghai, followed by Vietnam in 2009 and the United States in 2014. They also operate in seven other locations. In addition to selling groupware, in 2017 Cybozu founded its “Teamwork Research Institute” to provide companies with workshops and training sessions on organizational reform and improvement.

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