A New Challenge for Japanese Sake, Aiming to Become a Japanese Whiskey [BOKKA] a tree-scented Japanese sake

FARM8 Co.,ltd

08/05/2023 6:30 pm

A new sake product has been launched by the FARM8 (Nagaoka City, Niigata / CEO Atsushi Kabasawa) Group, a product development team focused on utilizing local resources.

The new product is BOKKA, a tree-scented sake.
BOKKA” is a flavored sake based on junmai daiginjo sake that has been smoked using a special process to infuse it with the aroma of various forest trees.
It was released by group company FERMENT8 Corporation (CEO Nagai Yutaka).

Normally, when making whiskey, it is aged in casks made of oak trees.
This new product was created by imagining what sake would taste like if it had the taste and aroma of trees, just like whiskey that has the aroma of trees.

Some of Japan’s most famous trees include cherry, walnut, apple, cedar, beech, and oak used in whiskey barrels.

Each of these trees has a different forest-like aroma in a flavor similar to that of whiskey, opening up a new world of alcoholic beverages.

The characteristics of Japanese trees and the mellow flavor of Junmai Daiginjo-shu are fused together, and you will have a moment surrounded by the aroma of trees and sake like you have never tasted before.

Each type of tree has a completely different flavor, and it is a pleasure to compare and feel the individuality of the forest while drinking.

A relaxing time for adults.
On the rocks with a pleasant woody aroma.
Refreshing forest bathing with a sake highball.

BOKKA Sakura
BOKKA Walnut


Contents: 150 ml each.
Alcohol: 15%.
Ingredients: Sake (rice and rice malt) and wood chips of each.
(The base sake is junmai daiginjo-shu brewed at a sake brewery in Niigata)

【Stores selling BOKKA in Japan】
4-8-28 Settaya, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata
On the premises of Eguchi Dango Settaya

【Online Store】
For Japan

For overseas

【Planning and operation company】
FERMENT8 Co., Ltd.(FARM8 group)
Representative Director Yutaka Nagai
Headquarters: Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture