SAKEPOST, a regular sake delivery service, has expanded to more than 70 affiliated sake breweries nationwide. Expanding the area from Niigata Prefecture to expand the business as a service to taste and compare local sake.

FARM8 Co.,ltd

08/03/2023 2:00 pm

FARM8 Co., Ltd. (Nagaoka City, Niigata / CEO Atsushi Kabasawa) has expanded the affiliated sake breweries that were limited to Niigata prefecture to all over the country with the sake regular delivery service “SAKEPOST” operated by the company, and has partnered with a total of 70 breweries. to provide the service.

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〈What is sake Subscription service SAKEPOST?〉
SAKEPOST, a regular sake service that started in November 2021, is a place where a set of 3 brands that can be compared by putting 100 ml of each sake brewery’s local sake in a pouch will be delivered to your home mailbox every month. It is a subscription service that compares drinking.

Users cannot discern the brand solely from the packaging, but can know the information on the smartphone from the two-dimensional code on the back. Whether you prefer to check the brand before tasting, or savor it first and learn about the brand later, there are various ways to enjoy this service..

In addition, you can vote on the impressions you drank and create a taste graph that everyone felt, and the “POST to Sake Brewery” function that allows you to send messages directly to sake breweries. is also popular.

〈Expanding from Niigata to sake breweries all over Japan. Collaboration with 70 sake breweries nationwide〉
From the start until now, we have selected local sake from Niigata Prefecture and delivered sake from about 43 affiliated breweries in Niigata Prefecture, but from May 2023, we will expand affiliated breweries to sake breweries nationwide. We expanded the service to include a further 27 breweries, expanding the service to deliver sake from a total of 70 breweries nationwide.

We are now shipping not only to Japan, but also to other countries. (currently available in Singapore and Hong Kong)

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〈Operating company〉
[Planning and operation]
FARM8 Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Atsushi Kabasawa
Headquarters: Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture
Established: February 2015

[Liquor sales company]
FERMENT8 Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Yutaka Nagai

WEB site for Japan

WEB site for overseas customers (shipping only to Singapore and Hong Kong)