Kotozna CEO Genri Goto speaks at "The Founders Peak Tokyo," an event within the Singapore FinTech Festival, one of the largest FinTech events in the world.

Kotozna, Inc.

06/14/2023 10:00 am

Kotozna (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO Genri Goto, https://kotozna.com/en) is pleased to announce that our CEO Genri Goto spoke at “The Founders Peak Tokyo,” a speakers’ event within the Singapore FinTech Festival, one of the largest FinTech events in the world, held on May 16, 2023.
He delivered a speech to over 100 domestic and international entrepreneurs, investors, and startup-related attendees under the theme “The Likely Benefits of Initiating Trouble in the Status Quo”.

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●The Founders Peak Tokyo
The Founders Peak Tokyo is a speakers’ event within the Singapore FinTech Festival, one of the world’s largest fintech events, held on May 16 in Tokyo and attended by over 100 entrepreneurs, investors, and startup professionals.
Our CEO, Genri Goto, gave a speech on the theme of “The Likely Benefits of Initiating Trouble in the Status Quo.”

●Excerpts from Representative Speeches
Over the past three decades, Japan has been trapped in a state of stagnation. But what have we been doing during this time? For me, I’ve made it my mission to disrupt this stillness, to act as a catalyst for change. As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve been tossing proverbial stones into the tranquil pond of Japan’s economy, creating ripples that have led to transformation and growth.
I don’t expect my efforts alone to revitalize a stagnating Japan. However, I believe in the power of “throwing stones” to inspire others to take action. As someone who experienced Japan’s golden era, I consider it my duty to keep challenging the status quo for the excitement it brings and the future of the next generation.
Together, let’s keep throwing stones at a stagnating Japan, igniting innovation and fueling the dreams of the generations to come.

●CEO Profile
Genri Goto, Kotozna Founder & CEO
Genri Goto is a serial and social entrepreneur. After working at Accenture as a strategy consultant, he founded Healthy Net, Inc. (now Kenko.com, Inc.), an online drug store.
He was at the helm of the company for 20 years, leading to an IPO of Kenko.com in 2004.
Goto successfully sued Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare regarding online sales of medicine, winning in 2013 at the Supreme Court.
He has a Masters degree in Public Management from the National University of Singapore, and holds a Bachelor degree from the University of Tokyo. Goto is a member of the World Economic Forum.

●About The Founders Peak
Founders Peak Tokyo is a global pitch stage inspired by TED Talks. Outstanding startup founders from around the world gather to present their own founding stories.

●About Singapore FinTech Festival
The Singapore Fintech Festival is a large-scale global event sponsored by the Monetary Authority of Singapore with the aim of hosting the largest Fintech event in the Asian region. It has been held every year since 2016, with this year marking the 8th event.

●About Kotozna

Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo
2016 Oct : Established
2018 Sept : Released “Kotozna Chat”, a multilingual chat tool
2019 Jun : Certified as J-Startup (Note 2), a Japanese startup development support program promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2020 Feb : Business alliance with JTB
2020 Oct : Started selling Kotozna In-room (Kotozna In-Room: https://kotozna.com/en/in-room ), a multilingual communication tool for accommodation facilities, with JTB in Japan. Amidst the slump in inbound tourism, it has been evaluated as effective for DX and social distancing, and is currently (as of September 2022) installed in more than 250 facilities such as hotels and inns nationwide.
2021 Mar : Selected as a participant in the fourth phase of the Singapore Tourism Accelerator
2021 Aug : Selected by the Agency of Cultural Affairs for a 19 region project to digitalize and translate cultural property information. From 2018-2021, more than 100 cultural properties in 27 regions have been registered on the “Japan Cultural Properties Portal Site”.
2021 Dec : Kotozna Live Chat (now Kotozna laMondo) PoC begins as part of Singapore Tourism Board program
2022 May : Kotozna Singapore Pte.Ltd. established
2022 Sept : Released Kotozna laMondo (https://kotozna.com/en/lamondo/)
2023 Feb : Kotozna In-room is introduced in 40,000 rooms across 300 accommodation facilities

(Note 1) QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED
(Note 2) *Property Management System (PMS): A business management system for accommodation operators which manages accommodation reservations, fees, sales, customer information, etc.
(Note 3) J-Startup: J-Startup is a startup development program promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to support the government’s goal of “creating 20 unlisted venture companies (unicorns) or listed venture companies with a corporate value or market capitalization of $1 billion or more by 2023. Ltd. was selected in June 2019.

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