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06/13/2023 9:50 am

Hello, world! We are j-Grab Mall!
We are a global marketplace dedicated to bringing you the best Japanese products to customers all over the world.

E-commerce Boom Worldwide
Right after the greetings, let’s start with a slightly challenging topic. (It’s better to get this kind of discussion out of the way quickly.)

In 2020, due to the pandemic, people around the world were forced to stay at home, and physical stores such as cafes, restaurants, and shops were closed one after another, which had previously brought life and vibrancy to the streets. As a result, the retail sales of these physical stores significantly decreased on a global scale.

During this time, the purchasing behavior of many people worldwide shifted into the realm of the internet. Buying and selling products and services online is referred to as “e-commerce”.

Even before the pandemic, we were already enjoying online shopping, so it is no longer a novelty. You’re probably familiar with names like Amazon, eBay, Shopee, Lazada, Walmart, AliExpress… at least one of them, I’m sure.
In 2020, e-commerce experienced rapid growth on a global scale, not only through these e-commerce platforms but also through online shops of physical stores that were previously thriving.

E-commerce Outlook for 2023
According to an article on IWConnect, the year 2023 holds promising prospects for e-commerce, driven by the surge in m-commerce and social commerce.

M-commerce refers to online shopping via mobile apps, while social commerce involves e-commerce through social networking sites.

With approximately 48% of the global population owning smartphones and 58% identified as social media users, these markets have become significant players.

Moreover, regions like Southeast Asia and Latin America, which experienced a slower e-commerce boom in 2020, are now witnessing rapid growth, indicating continued substantial expansion of e-commerce this year.

Features of j-Grab Mall
j-Grab Mall offers 4 unique features that set it apart from other e-commerce platforms:

1. Sales of World-class JAPAN QUALITY products

j-Grab Mall provides a wide range of products from various regions in Japan, including Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa.
Our product categories cover Japanese snacks, food, ramen, coffee, green tea, towels, kitchenware, kimono, traditional crafts, fashion, cosmetics, interior decor, collectibles, and practical items.

The spirit of Japanese craftsmanship (MONOZUKURI) is rooted in the utmost care and love for consumers.
Focusing on how safe, secure, and truly satisfying consumers can be, Japanese producers create products that are made with the finest materials and ingredients, manufacturing techniques and technologies, and well-thought-out ideas and designs.

2. Touch and “Feel” the Products at j-Grab Mall Showroom Stores (the First in Japan)

One common drawback of online shopping is the inability to physically examine products for their smell, texture, taste, or, in the case of cosmetics, their effect on the skin.

But fret not!
j-Grab Mall makes it possible! (*1)

As of June 2023, j-Grab Mall showroom stores are permanently located in three locations: JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles (United States), Takashimaya Singapore (JTB) (Singapore), and AEON MALL Mean Chey (Cambodia).

“j-Grab Mall showroom store in Singapore, March 2023”

In our showroom stores, you can touch the products, feel their texture, size, smell, and more.
QR codes are also displayed for each product, allowing you to scan and access detailed information with your smartphone.
Furthermore, with a simple tap on the purchase button right there, you can have the product delivered to your doorstep from Japan in as fast as two business days (*2).

This showroom store concept with QR codes is a pioneering initiative by j-Grab Mall in Japan.

For those residing outside the aforementioned countries and regions, please don’t be disheartened.
j-Grab Mall is gradually expanding our showroom stores to other parts of the world.
We are actively participating in temporary showroom stores and exhibitions worldwide.
If you happen to be in the vicinity, please drop by and visit us.
For information on our showroom stores and participation in events, please check our social media channels and JCS Magazine!

*1: Availability of this service may vary depending on the limited countries and regions.
*2: Delivery times may vary based on the destination country or region and international shipping conditions.

3. Various Discount Coupons Available

All products at j-Grab Mall are duty-free, offered at a price that is 10% lower than the sales price in Japan, which includes the consumption tax.

However, we acknowledge that some items on our website may appear slightly expensive. But this is also a testament to the embodiment of the Japanese spirit of craftsmanship that we mentioned earlier. We take pride in the fact that we do not handle any counterfeit or inferior products.

If negotiations with your wallet don’t go as planned, please feel free to use our coupons.

j-Grab Mall Promo Codes

Currently, at j-Grab Mall, we are offering a special discount coupon of 50% off for first-time shoppers to all customers who sign up for our newsletter.

Furthermore, we have significant price reductions going on right now. This is a great opportunity to enjoy shopping at j-Grab Mall. Don’t miss out!

4. j-Grab Mall Connects with Major E-commerce Platforms and Social Networking Sites

j-Grab Mall has established partnerships with major e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Shopee, Cdiscount, Ruten, AeonMall, etc.
Furthermore, we integrated with social networking sites including Facebook Shop, Instagram Shopping, Pinterest, and Google Shopping.

This means that you can conveniently shop at j-Grab Mall through your preferred e-commerce platforms and social networking sites.

We are participating in auctions and other promotional events, so you might be able to get your desired products at bargain prices! Keep an eye out for these opportunities and enjoy the thrill of getting great deals at j-Grab Mall!

Closing Remarks
j-Grab Mall offers a wide range of popular Japanese products, including sweets and ramen noodles. We also feature a diverse selection of gift items such as assortment sets and paulownia boxes, beautifully packaged in the traditional Japanese style of “Omotenashi.”

Whether you are unable to visit Japan or simply forgot to purchase souvenirs during your visit, we invite you to explore j-Grab Mall and indulge in shopping for authentic Japanese products from the comfort of your own home!

Thank you for taking the time to read this comprehensive article.
As a token of our appreciation, we have an exciting offer for you!

For a limited time, j-Grab Mall is providing an exclusive coupon to readers of this article.
You can directly access to j-Grab Mall Special URL, or visit our regular website and enter the coupon code “PRSALL50” during checkout to enjoy a 50% discount on your purchase!

j-Grab Mall Spacial URL

**Please note that the coupon is valid until 23:59 Japan time on June 30, 2023.
**This coupon is applicable only for purchases made through the j-Grab Mall website and cannot be used on affiliated e-commerce platforms.

ABOUT j-Grab Mall
j-Grab Mall is a cross-border e-commerce global marketplace operated to bring excellent Japanese products and services to customers around the world.

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