In response to popular demand, "Seek the Story of Sake" offers the Sake Sampler Set (Small Bottle Size)!


04/12/2022 6:00 pm

Seek the Story of Sake, a cross-border e-commerce site for Japanese sake provided by NTT DOCOMO, has released the Sake Sampler Set (Small Bottle Size). The idea stemmed from customer feedback expressing concerns on whether they could finish the whole bottle or whether the sake was to their liking.

Aside from Small Bottle Sets for each sake brewery and region, we also offer the randomly-assorted Random Set. The Random Set is specially comprised of and sold from our current small bottle products, but the contents are a secret until they reach your doorstep. This playful product allows you to sample sake from various breweries and discover the one best suiting your tastes.

The set comes in six types:

■Izumibashi Sake Brewery Set■
Izumibashi Sake Brewery, located in Kanagawa, Japan, was the first sake brewery in the Kanto region to start selling at Seek the Story of Sake. The Izumibashi Sake Brewery Small Bottle Set (6x pack) offers a wide variety of sake, from regular junmai sake to aged and sparkling sake. Savor the many different tastes of this ever-innovating brewery.

■Masuda Tokubee Shoten Set■
Masuda Tokubee Shoten, a brewery from Kyoto, is one of the oldest sake breweries in Japan, founded in 1675. The Masuda Tokubee lineup consists of sake made by pursuing the depth and breadth of its underlying flavor. Great for beginners and veterans alike.

■Ninki Shuzo Set■
The Small Bottle Set of the renowned brewery from Fukushima includes daiginjo, junmai ginjo, and two sparkling varieties. Great for sampling sparkling drinks. Ninki Shuzo’s sake is stored and fermented in bottles, not tanks, preventing deterioration to the utmost extent. Relish in its freshness.

■Shiokawa Brewery Set■
From the famous rice-producing region of Niigata comes a three-small bottle set from Shiokawa Sake Brewery, a brewery known for its innovation and strength in the international market. It also features the red sake Kimoto-kei Kodai. This red color is unusual for sake and is the same as the rice used to make sake (wild rice). This set offers unique flavors and breaks down existing sake concepts for experts, providing an opportunity to discover new aspects.

■Tsunan Sake Brewery Set – GO POCKET 7x Pack Set■
From the famous rice-producing region of Niigata comes Tsunan Brewery’s GO POCKET. This avant-garde-looking set includes several different sake types, 100 ml each, served in pouches. Great for sampling and drinking outdoors. Being stored in a pouch, not a bottle, makes it portable and ideal for camping and picnics. (You can even heat it in a mess-tin while camping!)

■Harima Set■
From the Harima region of Hyogo Prefecture comes the Harima Set by Inami Shuzo and Tanaka Shuzo. It features Tanaka Shuzo’s Daiginjo Shirasagi-no-jo, a repeated gold medal-winner at the National New Sake Competition. Its clean, crisp, and delicate taste makes it a gem enjoyable for any drinker. The set also includes Daigin Koshu, aged over 16 years, combining low and room-temperature storage at Inami Shuzo. It has won the Bronze Award four times at the IWC, the most prestigious sake competition in the world. Enjoy the amber color and soft, clean taste.

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*Please note that depending on the location of the brewery, we may not be able to export to Taiwan.

*About Seek the Story of Sake
Seek the Story of Sake is a cross-border e-commerce site launched on May 27, 2021, by NTT DOCOMO, Inc. (“DOCOMO”) together with Fun Japan Communications Inc. (“Fun Japan”) and domestic sake brewing companies. Its goal is to sell sake, which is of great interest to international customers amid the decline in domestic and international consumption of sake due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This website offers sake recommendations matching customer tastes from a variety of angles and conveys the thoughts and backgrounds behind sake brewing of each sake brewing company, introducing top-class products from a professional’s perspective.

We are currently selling sake to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. We will continue to expand our target areas and develop products that will please our overseas customers. Such products include food, sake containers, and local products that go well with sake.

DOCOMO will continue contributing to regional co-creation by revitalizing the local economy through this website’s expansion of sake sales.