"Seek the Story of Sake" starts sales of Ehime sake


03/29/2022 6:00 pm

Presented by NTT docomo, “Seek the Story of Sake” is a cross-border, online Japanese sake shop that has started selling sake from Ehime Prefecture.

Fronting the Seto Inland Sea and the Uwakai Sea, Ehime Prefecture has seasonal seafood year-round. To go well with its simple cuisine centering on white fish, Ehime’s sake is flavorful and smooth. Nurtured by the Seto Inland Sea area’s mild climate and Ehime’s good-natured people, the sake’s gentle taste is relaxing.

We now have a set of three different sake from Ehime for you to compare.
Experience Ehime’s excellent flavors.

The following sake are now available.
A set of 20 one-cup bottles (180 ml) from Ehime’s leading sake breweries.
The great flavors of Ehime in one set. Since the bottles are cute, they can also be decorations or gifts.

Being Japan’s largest producer of fruits, Ehime’s fruit liqueur set
is most delightful. Enjoy it cold, straight, on the rocks, or with soda.

Seek the Story of Sake also has other highly recommended sets of sake for comparing their flavors.

More details here:

*About “Seek the Story of Sake”
Due to the coronavirus, consumption of Japanese sake has declined in and outside Japan. Therefore, together with sake brewing companies in Japan and Fun Japan Communications Co., Ltd. (“Fun Japan”), NTT Docomo Inc. (“Docomo”) has started cross-border sales of Japanese sake since May 27th, 2021. It feeds the great overseas interest in Japanese sake.

This website also makes sake recommendations to match customer preferences from various aspects. We explain the ideas and background behind the brewery’s sake production and provide professional reviews of outstanding products.

We currently sell sake to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. We shall further expand our overseas target markets and sell more products appealing to overseas customers. We plan to include food and tableware for sake and regional products our customers would love.

By increasing sales of Japanese sake through this website, Docomo shall help develop Japan’s provincial regions and revitalize their local economies.