"Seek the Story of Sake" Begins Selling Robuchon Sake


03/18/2022 11:30 am

Seek the Story of Sake, a Japanese sake cross-border e-commerce site provided by NTT DOCOMO, has begun limited-time sales of two types of Robuchon (Japanese sake) created based on the concept of sake that pairs well with French cuisine.

The late Joel Robuchon, the “Emperor of French cuisine” and the chef with the most Michelin stars in the world, was a pioneering chef who pursued the possibilities of French cuisine and sake. Inheriting his father’s passion for sake, Louis Robuchon visited sake breweries across the country in pursuit of the best sake to go with the finest French cuisine, and after years of searching, he arrived at two breweries.
One is the Yamamoto Sake Brewery, which brews its “Fukuhachi” using ultra-soft water from the Shirakami Sanchi mountain range in Akita Prefecture, and the other is Kiyama Shoten, a small group of elite sake brewers in the town of Kiyama on the eastern edge of Saga Prefecture.
Together with these breweries, we have developed two enchanting sake products.

The following are the sake products that will be sold.
“Fukuhachi 80 Joel Robuchon Junmai Sake” – Yamamoto Sake Brewery
This sake is not only suitable for Japanese cuisine, but also for Western food such as meat and caviar.

“Kiyama Joel Robuchon” – Kiyama Shoten
This sake has a harmony of juicy umami and refreshing tartness.

A luxurious set of the above two bottles is also available.

For details, please see here.

*About “Seek the Story of Sake”
This is a cross-border e-commerce site launched on May 27, 2021 by NTT DOCOMO, Inc. (hereinafter “DOCOMO”) in cooperation with domestic sake breweries and Fun Japan Communications Inc. (hereinafter “Fun Japan”) to sell Japanese sake, which is of great interest to overseas customers amid declining domestic and overseas consumption of sake due to the spread of the novel corona virus.

The site offers sake recommendations that match customer tastes from a variety of different perspectives, such as conveying the “thoughts and background behind sake brewing” of each sake brewing company selling sake, and introducing outstanding products from a professional’s point of view.

We are currently selling sake to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, and in the future we plan to expand the target area and develop products that will please overseas customers, such as food products, sake vessels, and local products that go well with sake.

DOCOMO will contribute to regional co-creation by revitalizing local economies through the expansion of sake sales through this website.