Functional bag “Peg” created through industry-academia cooperation to be launched in New York. Contributes to the recovery and promote SDGs with shark leather from Kesennuma, Miyagi, Japan

Kindai University

11/19/2021 1:00 pm

A seminar group led by Nobuhide Zushi (Associate Professor, Department of Business and Economics, Kindai University Junior College, Japan) jointly created a small functional bag “Peg from mother sea” with Atelier Shark. Atelier Shark is a leather goods brand run by Levearc Inc. which was established to support the restoration and recovery following the Great East Japan Earthquake. Peg will be introduced and sold at “The 8th ACJ 2021 CHRISTMAS POP UP” in the high-end boutique neighborhood at New York’s SoHo on November 24th, 2021. After launching in April 2019, its debut was delayed due to COVID-19.

1. Key points
– Kindai University students and a leather brand “Atelier Shark” jointly developed a small functional bag that is useful in outdoor environments and in the event of disaster. The bags will be released in New York.
– Lightweight blue shark leather from Kesennuma City, Miyagi, has excellent drip-proof and durability. Disseminating the benefits of the shark leather supports the reconstruction and industrial revitalization of the stricken area.
– Students researched and deepened their understanding of consumption trends by developing ethical products that are not mass-produced or mass-consumed.

2. Overview of exhibition and sales
Name of event: The 8th ACJ 2021 CHRISTMAS POP UP
Date / Time: Wednesday, November 24th, 2021 – Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021 11 am – 7 pm (EST)
Location: 227 Mott Street, New York, NY 10012
3-minute walk from Spring Street Station (New York City Subway (6))
Event HP: (to be updated soon)
Atelier Shark HP:

3. Product overview
Product name: Peg from mother sea
Release date: Wednesday, November 24th, 2021 (EST)
Sales price: 169.00 USD (excl. tax)
Product details: Unisex bag. Two color options: black and blue.
With an emergency whistle on the zipper pull, parachute-cord strap, outdoor-friendly, water-resistant, made from shark leather and dirt-resistant fabric. This product is useful in the event of disaster.