PCR Test Center Launches at Kansai International Airport, Enabling 3-Hour Issuance of Negative Result Certificates

Kindai University

09/30/2021 6:00 pm

September 21, 2021 — Kindai University and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that the Kindai University Kansai International Airport Clinic and Kawasaki will launch a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test center at Kansai International Airport (KIX) on September 22, 2021. The Clinic, utilizing the automated robotic PCR testing system developed and manufactured by Kawasaki*, will offer a pre-departure PCR testing service for international passengers.

The robotic testing service at KIX will produce results in a significantly reduced amount of time compared with conventional PCR testing, enabling issuance of a negative results certificate as early as three hours after the passenger registers with the PCR test center’s reception. In conjunction with the Clinic, Kawasaki aims to bolster testing capabilities at KIX to support the expeditious and more confident departure of passengers.

*The System was jointly developed by Kawasaki, Sysmex Corporation, and Medicaroid Corporation.

Roles of the Clinic and Kawasaki:
Kindai University Kansai International Airport Clinic:
Specimen collection, definitive diagnosis, and issuance of certificates of negative test results required for international travel
Contracted operation of the PCR test center, including taking reservations, reception of passengers to be tested, PCR testing, results notification, and collection of testing fees

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