Toward the Realization of Zero Emissions in 2050

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05/03/2021 9:00 am

The Japan Times ESG Promotion Consortium (Representative: Minako Suematsu, Chairman and President of The Japan Times Co., Ltd.) will hold an “ESG Symposium” on May 13, 2021 with the theme “Toward the Realization of Zero Emissions in 2050”.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, we will withdraw the event from the venue and change it to online participation so that presenters and participants can join the event safely and with peace of mind.

As interest in ESG rapidly grows, this time the “ESG Symposium” will welcome key persons from companies involved in ESG to talk about their initiatives, prospects for the future, and what they are aiming for as a company. The event will also feature video messages from the Minister of the Environment, Shinjiro Koizumi, and the Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike.

The “Japan Times ESG Promotion Consortium”, which started in 2017, is now in its fourth year. From 2020, The Japan Times aimed to further connect Japan and the world by creating multifaceted activities such as “Sustainable Japan by The Japan Times”, which strives to disseminate ESG initiatives of domestic and international companies and organizations.

Date and time: May 13, 2021 from 13:30 to 17:30
Participation method: Livestream
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・Opening/ Greetings from the organizer
Ms. Minako Suematsu, Consortium Representative, The Japan Times Chairman and President
・Guest introduction and greetings
Ms. Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo (video message)
Mr. Shinjiro Koizumi, Minister of the Environment (planned)
・Corporate session (English) 60 minutes
“Communication strategy with ESG promotion and stakeholders”
Mr. Shibusawa Ken, Commons Asset Management, Inc. Executive Chairman and ESG Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Jin Montesano, LIXIL Corporation, Director, Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer
Ms. Mariko Kawaguchi, FUJI OIL HOLDINGS INC., Assistant to CEO
Mr. Jérôme Bruhat, Nihon L’Oréal K.K., President and Representative Director (online participation)
・Investor session (Japanese) 60 minutes
“The power to promote ESG – from an investor’s perspective”
Mr. Mitsuyo Morisawa, PRI Secretariat Japan Head and CDP Japan Director
Mr. Hiroshi Ozeki, Nissay Asset Management, President and CEO
Mr. Masafumi Hikima, Sophia University, Professor & Executive Director of Finance
Ms. Emi Onozuka, Japan Catalyst, Inc., Executive Vice President, COO
・Guest introduction and greetings
Ms. Keiko Honda, Columbia University, Adjunct Professor (video message)
・Corporate session (Japanese) 60 minutes
“ESG efforts by leading companies in the industry”
Mr. Naonori Kimura, Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI), Managing Director
Ms. Tomomi Fukumoto, Suntory Holdings Limited, Senior General Manager of Corporate Sustainability Division
Mr. Fumiaki Koizumi, Mercari Co., Ltd. Director, President (Chairman of the Board) / CEO of Kashima Antlers F.C. Co., Ltd.
Ms. Yumi Otsuka, Toyota Motor Corporation, Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer
・Guest introduction and greetings
Mr. Rintaro Tamaki, Japan Center for International Finance, President
Mr. Takatoshi Kato, Japan Center for International Finance, Senior Advisor to the President,
※ Please note that the program is subject to change without notice.

Organizer: Japan Times ESG Promotion Consortium

■About the Japan Times ESG Consortium
The Japan Times ESG Consortium was established to support the dissemination of ESG information in English by Japanese companies for overseas investors and investment institutions that place importance on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).
Utilizing the English coverage and editing capabilities of The Japan Times, we aim to spread Japanese ESG management to the world through our diverse media platforms such as newspapers, the Web, and SNS.

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