Kotozna, Exhibiting at Korea's Largest Startup Event "NextRise 2024, Seoul"

Kotozna, Inc.

06/20/2024 10:00 am

Kotozna Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Genri Goto, https://kotozna.com/) exhibited and spoke at NextRise 2024, Seoul (hereafter referred to as NextRise2024), Korea’s largest startup event held over two days from June 13 to 14, 2024. Kotozna was selected as one of ten companies to exhibit at the Japan Pavilion at NextRise, which was publicly solicited by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). At the same event, Kotozna also spoke at the “Japan-Korea Company Reverse Pitch Event.”

●Selected as one of 10 exhibitors at the Japan Pavilion at “NextRise 2024”
Kotozna was selected as one of the ten companies to exhibit at the Japan Pavilion at NextRise 2024, Korea’s largest startup event announced by JETRO in May this year, and exhibited and spoke at the event, which was held over two days from June 13th to 14th, 2024. At the exhibition booth, we demonstrated the multilingual AI chatbot “Kotozna laMondo” and the voice input function currently under development. Kotozna also spoke at the “Japan-Korea Company Reverse Pitch Event.”
Japan was selected as the guest of honor at NextRise 2024, and startup exchanges between Japan and Korea are also becoming more active. Kotozna will continue strengthening its domestic and overseas business promotion in Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

▽Ten companies were selected to exhibit at the Japan Pavilion “NextRise 2024” (JETRO website) https://www.jetro.go.jp/news/announcement/2024/399b9094cad23bc7.html

▽「NextRise 2024」Home page

●About Kotozna
Inbound tourism, which welcomes tourists from overseas, is one of the few growth sectors remaining in Japan’s regional areas. Facing a declining birthrate and an aging population, inbound tourism, which is expected to continue to expand, can be a savior for regional economies struggling to grow.
However, the first thing tourists visiting Japan cite as a problem is the “language barrier.” Japan is overflowing with information in Japanese that has not been translated into multiple languages, leaving tourists perplexed. Kotozna aims to use cutting-edge technology to resolve this social issue of the “language barrier.”

<Company Profile>
Representative: CEO Goto Genri
Established: October 2016
Capital: 32,499,840 yen (capital surplus 754,779,080 yen)
Head office location: MetLife Motoakasaka West 1F, 1-7-20 Moto Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business: Providing services related to multilingual communication tools
Company website: https://kotozna.com/en

October 2016: Founded
September 2018: Developed multilingual chat tool “Kotozna Chat”
June 2019: Certified as a member of J-Startup (Note 3), a Japanese startup development support program promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
February 2020: Formed business and capital alliance with JTB
October 2020: Started selling “Kotozna In-room” (https://kotozna.com/en/in-room), a multilingual communication tool for accommodation facilities, in Japan with JTB. Accelerated expansion after being recognized as effective for digital transformation and social distancing amid a slump in inbound tourism
March 2021: Selected as a participant in the fourth batch of the Singapore Tourism Accelerator
August 2021: Selected for the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ multilingual explanation development project, and from 2018 to 2021, more than 100 cultural properties in 27 regions have been registered on the Japan Cultural Properties Portal Site
December 2021: Demonstration testing of “Kotozna Live Chat (now laMondo)” begins as part of the Singapore Tourism Board’s program
May 2022: Kotozna Singapore Pte. Ltd. is established
September 2022: Sales of “Kotozna laMondo” (https://kotozna.com/en/lamondo) begin
June 2023: Launch of Kotozna ConcierGPT (currently integrated into Kotozna laMondo) (https://kotozna.com/news/pr_20230621/)
January 2024: Kotozna In-room introduced in 47,000 rooms
January 2024: Formed capital and business alliance with Virtualex Holdings Inc. to support the use of generative AI in call center operations

[Media Contact:]
Kotozna PR Office: Hoshi and Takebe
mail: [email protected]
mobile: 090-1631-8467